Sunday, January 11, 2009

Gorgeous, Sexy, Strong, Loving Mother-to-be

Here are more of the stunning images of my friend, and mother to be...Nina. I feel these photos simply speak for, gorgeous, beautiful, strong, serene, nuturing and loving...all the aspects of what pregnancy can look like. Nina so happens to be all of the above!
Congratulations again Nina and I truly can not wait to capture the all of the essence of your little boy. Soon...very soon!

Nina's first baby had to join in the fun too. What a sweet moment.

Thank you again for letting me capture so many different aspects and trusting me with photographing this precious time of your are the best!


Amanda Mays said...

Loving all of these Jen! Great great job! The mother is beautiful!
Very unique,loving the outside shot's!

michael fort said...

Hey Jen,

Like I said on Faceboook, I love the creativity in the shots. I seem to see a lot of the same in pregancy shoots. My fav is the dog looking up at her! My best to Nina! Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Oh Jenn...these are just beautiful, you should be so proud!

Tamara Lackey said...

gorgeous capture - what a great modelk and you really photographed some lovely images :)

monique lowe said...

they are all just beautiful!!!

Airika Pope said...

Jen, these are extremely creative, beautiful shots! My favs are the first image, the horizontal outside image, and the ones with her puppy. Beautiful work!