Friday, January 11, 2008


I just had to confess that I have finally sold all of my Nikon equipment and I've completely switched over to being a Canon user. I'm so excited with the results so far (new year's day photo shoot and the session with Kimberly) ...the color is truer and the pictures are sharper. I loved my Nikon and it captured a great year of memories...but on to greener (no pun intended) pastures.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Proud be!

Kimberly and Greg... an extremely sweet couple contacted me about making their Christmas Wish come true. They wanted 'professional' pregnancy photos before their little girl, Sarah, is to be born (around Jan 17th). Although the temperature was freezing, they were good sports about getting a few shots down by Alki beach. This one is so cute and casual (right up Greg's alley).
Sarah is their little gal waiting to join the world...we welcome you!
Daddy's little girl. Mind you, Greg's opinion of the the photo shoot was to be a supporter, not to be in the KUDOS to you for joining in on the fun. Kimberly on the otherhand was ready to show the world how beautiful a woman's body can be during pregnancy.
Love the prego belly! It's amazing how the body transforms.Gorgeous and confident!

Thank you for letting me make your Christmas wish come true. Being able to capture this time of your life was an honor. All my best to you both and to a healthy safe delivery of baby Sarah.'s gonna be great!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

New Year's Day

One of my dear friends, Judy, who was one of the beautiful brides that I photographed this year, and her family had me over early on New year's day to take their family photo. This was a present to her she's always trying to get everyone together for group photos. New Year's Day 2008 was that time ;). As always, the kids steal the show, whether being cute and cuddly or having a bit of a fuss. Today, cute was definitely what they were! I added a collage of the photos (I know, they are small, but I was trying something new). Benjamin is the little man of the house, and such a cutie!

Mariah starts off shy and then bursts out with personality and such a zest for life. She's an artist, gymnast, takes swimming, enjoys having books read to her and loves her bear, Icicle.

Dean and Judy have been wonderful friends of mine for some time. They have been so fun to photograph over the years, especially their wedding. Today was fun as well capturing some family bonding...husband, brother, sister, mother...

Speaking of's photo session was about Judy's mom and the generations she's help create. They are a beautiful and fun loving family. Happy New Year to you all... 2008, it's gonna be great (that's my mantra)!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Winter Wonderland in Colorado

Traditionally Christmas is spent in Seattle with the family, but this year my mom, dad, bro, grandma and muffy (the dog) spent it in Colorado at my parents house. Kevin, my bro, and I spent one day skiing up at Keystone where I found Santa and Rudolph at the Apres ski.

The snow dumped and the sun was shining bright... I love this type of weather!Kevin and I had to shovel his driveway before we could even get Nana out of the car.Here's our winter wonderland view looking out my parents back door.
There was a gorgeous full moon on Christmas eveHere is a full moon shot of the AirForce Academy all lit up on Xmas Eve.I was practicing taking some pictures of the pretty ornaments on the Xmas tree.This ornament was made by my grandpa when he was in 3rd grade (the poor lil owl is missing an eye and tapped sweet). This was the one ornament Pa added to the tree every year...but since this is our first year without him, Nana brought it with her and put it in a place of honor. We miss having Pa with us!

Christmas Eve... mom made a wonder prime rib dinner...YUMMY!Nana and MuffyDad and his Xmas presents...get ready,
I got a fun 5 in 1 set of reflectors... adding to my photography business ;)Dad got a new jacket, new gloves, and boots...and tested them out in the snow. Nana got us all web cams to keep in touch.
We all played several games of UNO after a morning of opening presents. Good family bonding.
Muffy was pooped out from all the Christmas events.
Two of mom's horses are being trained at the 'Half Fast Farms' so we decided to go see them being ridden.
Here is Wyndelynn being jumped. I rode her for some time afterwards. This was my sport growing up and I definitely miss riding!
Here is the local barn cute.

And the local barn cat....MEOW!Lastly, it's not a family reunion with out a little play fighting. Dad and Kevin wrestling WWF style.

There you have a little taste of Christmas 2007. Happy Holidays and Cheers to a great 2008!