Tuesday, May 27, 2008

7 Girls...one brave guy...ROCK Seattle

7 phenomenal girl photographers (I'm taking the photo, therefore, not included) and one brave guy all hit the town on Wednesday (4/30) night for some fun scouting and doing what we love best, taking pictures and capturing memories! Without having to repeat myself, all of these people are amazing photographers!Kristen had such a spunky personality and was so fun to photograph. I took fun series of her...she's gorgeous and was such a great model. http://www.kristenbuchmannphotography.com/ Jenny was the first to get her pictures taken, she was a natural. She has such a gorgeous smile and beautiful brown eyes...not to mention, a gentle personality.

Elise (http://www.studioelise.com/) is an amazing mother of 2 and one on the way. I felt an immediate gravitation towards Elise and was so excited to capture these moments of her looking so radiant.Here's the one brave guy... Dewey Tann. He is such a sweetheart and we were all excited to have him join us. I think he's done this modeling thing before....hmmmm? ;)

Julie Watts (http://www.juliewattsphoto.com/) is just beaming in this photo. I met Julie at one of MeRa's workshops...just love her!
Marianne Graham has become one of my closest friends, and we too met at MeRa's workshop in October. She's not only a wonderful photographer, her other true love is in floral arrangements. Check out her website and hire her out: http://www.theartfulposy.com/ Last...but not least, is Cortney Teeples (http://www.teeplespeoples.com/). She too is expecting her first child and shares a true passion for photography. She captured my favorite photo of myself (laughing and holding my camera). Thanks Cortney...I'm sure it will be around for years to come!

Looking forward to hanging out with everyone again soon! You all are wonderful!


So, my EXCITING news...after a lot of hard work, tears, sweat and hours sitting on my toosh with my fingers on the keyboard...my baby, my website, has gone LIVE. Hopefully you were redirected to my website instead of going to straight to my blog, for the first time. If not, give it 24-48 hours.

Oh, I'm so seriously tickled right now. I'm excited for the newly engaged, brides, highschool seniors, proud parents and mother's-to-be, friends and families to have me capture their precious memories. Give me a call and let's schedule your session!


Monday, May 19, 2008

5 things...and one BIG surprise

Wow...I just realized how long it's been since I've 'blogged'...and I have so much to share...so I'm just going to mention 5 things and fill you in on the details later!

1. I just returned home from a wonderful trip to Prague where I finished my FIRST MARATHON in honor of a friend of mine, Kim, who battled leukemia...and is she's doing GREAT! I ran the marathon with 28 other Team in Training teammates...raising over $170,000 for Leukemia/Lymphoma research.
2. Speaking of battling...I also have to update you on my friend Jill (with breast cancer)...she's cancer free now and doing great. She gets a post all to herself as well....soon! WOO HOO! Prayers and good medicine work!

3. The fun memories that were captured at the 'Girl Photographers Rock Seattle' were amazing! However, the title will have to change to 'Girls and one brave Guy' ;). Details to come. The thing I loved most was being able to give back to my peers, photos of themselves. It's not often that we aren't 'posed' for a picture. I won't lie, it was a true treat to get some wonderful pictures of myself from the talented photographers I was with. Here's my trait 'crinkly nose' in action...and notice that fine specimen of a camera ;). picture courtesy of www.teeplespeoples.com
4. When I returned home yesterday, I was anxious to see who won the prizes for an amazing contest that truly touches the core of me http://www.projectchildhood.com/. I was honored to be a part of it and to be able to capture so many memories for children . I entered in 4 photos and here is the entry that was written about the lifechanging experience I had (600 photos and an HP Printer)http://projectchildhood.typepad.com/page/2/ So very cool! . I didn't win, but that wasn't really the point...I was more excited to see what other moments people documented in a child's life and to be able to give back myself. (check out my blog on 'Honduras' for more of the photos).

5. I can't wait to share some beautiful moments from my "lil firefly" (our nickname for eachother...because we light up eachother's lives) Nicole's wedding. It was an amazing wedding and she was stunning! This is my favorite picture of her with our friend, Kendra. More to come...stay tuned.By the beginning of next week, there will be a BIG, HUGE...I mean GIANORMOUS announcement that I'm just bursting out of my skin to share. I'm giddy and can't wait to let you in on the big reveal...oops, I may have given it away! ;)

Til then...I'm going to try to readjust to a 9 hour time change...ugh... and get back to reality!