Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Dano's here!

Welcome to world baby Dano! If you remember Megan and Greg (aka. Team Gregan)...these were the little feet that were kicking around in Megan's perfectly round baby bumb.
Megan has that perfect motherly instinct...I love this tender and quiet snuggle.
Check out this little cutie. No wonder mom is enjoying those snuggles.
Greg too, has that instinct. So loving...and the bond b/w two redheads...priceless!
Dad's gentle 'hush' to sooth Dano as he cries.

I suppose this new family needs a new name. How about Team 'Gregano' ;)...yep, I made that up myself. tee hee
I love the contrast b/w such caring, big hands of mom and dad...and the little, defenseless hands of their newborn. Dano is a lucky little boy to have such awesome parents.

There is no doubt that this little one is loved beyond all measure.Congratulations again Megan and Greg...and thank you for letting me come into your home and document Dano's earliest days. To have parents like you....he is blessed.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Get Hitched, Give Hope

A dear friend of mine (who is a rockin' photographer) , Laurel McConnell, and 5 other wonderful women are putting on an auction on 10.23.08. It's all about getting gorgeous goods for your wedding while giving back....formally titled "Get Hitched, Give Hope". Check it out and join in the celebration. I'll be there!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Today we say goodbye to a friend...

Today we honor our dear friend, Brooks Olson, and the wonderful life he lead. Brooks tragically passed away on August 12th leaving behind his beautiful wife Cathy and his precious kids, Owen and Devon along with loving family and too many friends to count. Brooks' friendship, humor, intellect and caring personality will be greatly missed. Please keep this family in your prayers.

I will miss you Brooks!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I love my job! I mean, how fun is it to interact with kiddos, play (yes, I said play), and capture sweet moments like this? Grace, who just turned ONE, made me giggle and smile a ton... something Katie (her mom) said was rare when they tried to take pictures of her.I love how Grace was fully
engaged in her surroundings:
tasting, touching, seeing, understanding a sense of
self and praise. YEAH GRACE!

This little green frog and gingham chair are Grace's favorite

Grace was typical little one...constantly on the move. I love how this picture depicts such a stillness and quietness. So sweet!One of the most rewarding moments of the day was when Katie stated, with a sense of relief, "I'm so impressed how well Grace does with you...you have made this all so painless". From a previous experience of 'getting photos taken', everything was very posed and took over 3 hours. My philosophy is to have fun, be in a natural, comfortable setting...and to just capture moments, expressions...people being people.

Katie, I'm glad I was able to make this experience enjoyable for you all and I'm so thrilled that you love the photos. Thank you for your trust, letting me come into your home and document Grace at this precious age. I look forward to working with you all again soon.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Baby Stella and Baby Jacob...Cousins

I can't help but posting a lot of photos when it comes to babies...I mean, every little detail is worth documenting. I was tickled to be able to photograph Baby Jacob (now 3 months) again along with his new cousin, baby Stella.
Stella is beyond precious... look at that little bottom, her pouty little lips and button nose. So CUTE!Mom and Dad's comforting hands ... I love this moment.Here are the proud parents...and look at how happy Stella is to have them.This interaction is priceless. Dad's gentle smile and how he's holding Stella with one arm...a softness and strength surrounding his baby girl.
Stella was born a month early, and these pictures were actually taken around her due date. She weighed a mere 7 lbs...and her features are still so tiny. Her foot, barely the length of dad's finger.
And her little hand...itsy bitsy.
Stella graced us for a few minutes with her eyes open... a deep rich blue.
The happiness and love of a new family.
This scene just cracks me up. Stella's middle name is 'Sayuri'...so a friend of the family got her some saki as a present. Looks like she had a little much the way she's crashed out. ;) Cousin Jacob has grown so much in the past three months. He looks like a little man and is developing such a personality.Those eyes just sparkle.These two cousins are undoubtably some of the cutest around. These precious photos were captured as a gift for their grandma...what a lucky grandma she is! Check out those adorable smirky grins from little Stella and Jacob.

20 little toes...all in a row.

I'm sure these two will have a lifetime of fun together.
Thank you for letting me capture Stella's earliest moments and the bonding that's innate with cousins. Can't wait to see them grow!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Business Coaching ROCKS!

Starting out a new business is OVERWHELMING! Where do you start...and then where do you go from there? There are so many things to do...yet you panic for fear of starting anything. Am I doing the right thing? Can "I" really do this? Motivation and drive kick in...and you realize you CAN do it...but how to keep up the momentum without burning out?

My answer... A business coach!

I can't even tell you how amazing it has been to work with Karen Buckley (also MeRa Koh's business coach) for the past 9 months. My business has gone from 'nothing to something' in that time. The questions she asks guides me in my strengths and focuses on the baby steps it takes to start a business...in a successful way.

Karen has been coaching for over 30 years...and has recently sought out another endevour ... to help empower women! She has started a new program www.wisdomconnection.biz and is offering a free teleconference on August 13th. I strongly encourage you women to join this call and for those starting out a new business...give Karen a call.

Free Teleconference Call - - August 13 4-5:00 PDT with Fay Freed and Karen Buckley, Co-Founders of the Wisdom Connection
Infusing our Life, our Love and our Leadership with Feminine Wisdom”
• Why should we even bother infusing our life with feminine wisdom?
• What is feminine wisdom anyway?
• How would I know if I have it?
• What benefit will this have in my day-to-day living of life?
Join us in a lively dialogue about these topics! Find out how you can be a part of the growing Wisdom Connection community.
Please just let us know by return email that you’d like to be a part of the call and we will get you the teleconference access information.
Feel free to invite your women friends to join as well! It’s the green way to meet.
SAVE THE DATE! “The Nine Facets of Feminine Wisdom: Keys to Leading as a Woman” TeleSeminar October 8, 15 & 22 4-5:00PDT $75 for the series “When we claim our feminine wisdom, our inner authority becomes unshakeable and our life is infused with joy.”
Karen Buckley
Karen Buckley and Fay FreedP.O. Box 955Novato, CA 94948415.897.0689Www.wisdomconnection.bizinfo@wisdomconnection.biz

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Gotta love this face!

I recently entered a contest (contest@merakoh.com) with this photo. The theme was 'pets'...and I have TONS of pet photos. This fella just completely makes me giggle and his 'so ugly, it's cute' face stares at me every morning from my next door neighbors porch. How could that not brighten your day? Hope it adds a little giggle to your day too. Tee hee!

I hope you all had a great weekend! Please check back soon for a couple enteries with some adorable babies and a free chance for women to be impowered! More information to come....
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