Friday, October 31, 2008

Daily Commute

For the past couple of years, this has been the majority of my daily commutes...and although flying can be tough...I have to look at the positive side of it all. The view, obviously, does not get any better!

I can dream about sitting on the soft, puffy clouds...sometimes I even see angels waving at me.

I love seeing all the cool patterns of the earth...that make it so incredible.

Or the rough terrain...that can look so serene and majestic.

The colors of the a painting splattered with all the colors of the rainbow.

I can keep my brain active by completing a sudoku puzzel

Or keep up on the latest information ...however, after I read it once...the rest of the 28-30 days of the month til the new issue comes out is a drag.

If I feel so inclined...I could even shop on my commute.

And thankfully, will sipping my beverages...I'm supporting a great cause! My commute takes me all over the place...portland, coos bay, medford, boise, billings, missoula, idaho falls, anchorage...and sometimes...I get a layover in Denver.
What a treat to have my brother, Kevin...what a cutie, come to join me during my layover and to have dinner with me. Might as well make a little portrait session out of it...right?

And when it's all over, I say goodbye to Kevin...and on my way for the rest of my commute.

Friday, October 24, 2008

More beautiful brides and grooms

Remember the sexy couples I got to photograph at Image X? Well here are more of my favorite images. The reflection was amazing, they were so relaxed and the moment is so romantic.This couple were definitely out to look HOT!

This couple were the ones that we had 2 minutes each to pose...then others could photograph over our shoulders. This was the fun scene I had them interacting in...a big Coors Lite with straws...what could be sweeter? ;)

I'll be posting the 'action shot' couple next...stay tuned.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Image X Wedding Workshop Images

New Orleans is a fascinating place to photograph ...and with the help of models...perfect!

The movement in this photograph makes this one of my favorite! Jessica Claire was the instructor for this course and gave ideas on how to coach the brides and grooms so that we , the photographers, could capture those special interactions.
It was awesome to see Jessica in action. Even though these two are not a real couple, they did an amazing job with their interactions.

Check out her gorgeous eyes and porcelain skin...stunning.

During the time that we had to photograph our 'brides and grooms', we had three different couples, so I will be posting some of my favorites from each couple in the near future.

For now, enjoy and TGIF!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Phillip-Senior Pics

I had the pleasure of being able to take Phillip's Senior Pictures at the beginning of October...and with his love of water and boats, we decided to head down to Gas Works Park.Phillip was pretty much up for anything and he could turn on the serious look in a heart beat...hello...Abercrombie...are you seeing this?He had an, I mean HANDSOME smile too.

I love the light in this shot...I told him to run after the geese...and he did...what a willing sport.

All guys need that laid back, just hangin out portrait. This one certainly depicts that.

And last, but not least, a beautiful picture of Phillip and his gorgeous mom, Amy. I absolutely love this picture! Amy is a Southern gal at heart and went to Auburn University too.
Thanks again to the both of you, I certainly had a blast working with you!
Have a great Senior year Phillip!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Two worlds collide

I love how my two worlds can collide! Kyle Baumgartner...a superhero in my book...has recently been featured on our local news b/c of the amazing recovery he has made using Bioness devices. Bioness is the company I've worked for as a Clincial Specialist for the past 2 1/2 years...utilizing my Masters in Physical Therapy degree...yes, I have two jobs.

Kyle suffered a severe brain injury several years ago...and was actually given a very poor prognosis. Pure determination, strength and support from his loved ones has been the reason for the miraculous recovery . I met Kyle almost 2 years ago when I was trying to help him get our upper extremity device (Ness H200). Several months later, he instead got the Ness L300 (for foot drop) and the words he shared with me will always ring in my ear "this has changed my life." Tears practically streamed down my face when I heard that. Today, with the help of both devices, he continues to make great strides (no pun intended).

Kyle and I formed an unique friendship and I was honored when I got to photograph his beautiful family last may remember the family session I did at the beginning of my blogs...literally...the third post on my blog! Well, included with Kyle's amazing progress that's featured on the news clip, one of the photos I took was also shown. Just so fun to see both my worlds come together...and so beautifully.
Thanks Kyle for sharing this with me! Congratulations on the success of spreading the message and to show the world what an amazing person you are! Keep up the great work!
(click on this link to see the 2 minute video of Kyle).