Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Special...for that Special Mom

Seattle, Portland, Birmingham, Atlanta and Montgomery friends:
(coming to the South, the end of May, beginning of June)
Do you know what's happening next weekend? Mother's Day
Do you know a mother, a mother-to-be, or want to celebrate in honor of a mother? I'm sure you do...
Have you thought about what might be an awesome present? How about a fun, relaxed, on location photo session capturing the essense of FAMILY ?
In honor of all those wonderful mothers...I'm providing a special offer
(booked before May 10th...session can be scheduled for later date):
* On location portrait session- 1 to 1 1/2 hours (up to 5 people, each additional is $25)
* Online photo gallery with 30-50 custom edited photos
* Just for the Mother's Day: Bouquet of fresh flowers- that'll get a great smile on her face
* new: 5.5 x 5.5 Soft Cover Photo Book - great to carry in a purse and show off to everyone! Who doesn't love to show off their growing and gorgeous family?
All of this for $199 (originally $300) ... what a beautiful gift to give!
Please contact me at the information below to schedule your session and get a gift certificate to give to that special woman!
Don't forget to pass this special along to family, friends and co-workers too!
Thanks and all my best,

Monday, April 20, 2009


Who knew that I would ever become a 'mentor' ? I mean, I've always wanted to inspire others, and I hope that I can leave a positive impression on people...but mentoring adds a great deal of responsibility...and I'm so excited to become one!

First and foremost, I want to sincerely thank everyone who submitted their response for why they would love to be mentored. It was an honor to be able to offer this...and truly a super difficult decision to decide who to choose. No doubt I've been in everyone's shoes, at some point or another, and just needed that extra little push. I still do...and that's why I've joined teams with Dane Sanders to be coached. Part of my coaching is to be able to coach/mentor another individual...and I'm excited to say that my new mentee will be (drum roll please...)

Michelle Zeserson Riddle ( Michelle is a wonderful photographer and has a true talent for photographing children and families. She lives in Santa Cruz, CA, is a full time mother of 3 gorgeous children, and is married to a wonderful husband who completely supports her business. In one year, Michelle went from zero to 60 with her business... I can only imagine the future success she will have.

Congratulations Michelle and I'm so excited to work with you!

Everyone who submitted an entry has amazing talent (I checked out everyone's websites) and I know that if you continue to do what you love, you will be fulfilled and successful! My advice is for each of you to seek the support of your peers, begin your own networking system with other photographers or join the ones online like Fast Track Photographers http://www.fasttrackphotographers/. Network, network, network!

There are so many resources out there and if you haven't already read the book Fast Track Photographer by Dane Sanders, then I highly recommend you do...I mean REALLY recommend, A #1, it should be a first priority! The information in there will transform how you think, feel and go about your business. My business, is going to be getting on the FAST TRACK!

I will be adding little 'tips, tricks, techniques and advice' to my blog, so stay tuned for lots of love from me to you! Again...thank you to all the wonderful photographers and I'm so happy to now have you in my network. Cheers!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Jacob turns ONE!

You know you're dealing with a little boy when your day consists of getting 'steam rolled'.
Well, Jacob (you may remember his newborn photos and photos with his cousin, Stella) is definitely a little boy now...he's ONE!

He may still have a baby face...but he's growing up.

And he's got a killer personality. So funny, full of smiles and boy mischief.

He's intrigued with anything that's electronic, blinks, beeps or makes noise. I mean, who wouldn't be?
And best of all, Jacob is now walking...a true toddler.
He just LOVES his alligator walker (the alligator mouths snap as he walks). He gets so into it
and gets the best facial expression. Get ready, set...walk...and pure elation overrides him.

Although Jacob is turning out to be a great walker, today was his first time in SHOES.
Yes, the first.
He was very unsure of them, but gave them a good test drive. Somewhat walking like a cat with tape stuck on his paws (not that I ever did that to my cats growing up ;) ). Such intense concentration when playing with his toys
That smile, those dimples...and baby blues.

He won't be in that crib too much longer...but for now, he loves playing in it.
Thank you for letting me join you again (for the 3rd're a pro now!) and document your first year. My how you've grown. All my best to you, mommy Lauren and daddy Ian!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Thanks Easter Bunny- Bock Bock

I just received this picture from Nina today, of her little Lochlan, all dressed up to celebrate Easter! In the previous post it was mentioned that Lochlan was able to smile an adorable crooked smile...the one-sided-smile. Well, Nina caught it and I had to share.
Hope you enjoy and I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter and values the importance behind the special day!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Baby Lochlan

Remember Nina, the 'gorgeous, sexy, strong, loving mother-to-be' ? Her little one is here (and now 2 months old).
He is AD-OR-ABLE...such a boy, looks so much like his daddy but definitely has mommy's gorgeous eyes. Purely loveable!

These photos were taken at 1 week and 3 weeks old.

Nina was meant to be a mother! She still radiants that gorgeous, sexy, strong, lovingness...but she is now... a mother...and she has a perfect little son. Lochlan will undoubtably use these cute tootsies for lots of running around...he has to if he wants to keep up with his Mom and Dad.

Those pouty lips, that round little chin and cute button nose...see, I told you...AD-OR-ABLE.

Nina and I were crying...literally tears streaming from our face after I showed her these photos. Lochlan already has a knack for putting smiles on faces.
OH...REALLY? Could this crack you up any more? Crazy cute!
I recently joined Nina for lunch and Lochlan made my new favorite face, he has the one sided smile. I wish...oh how I wish I had my camera at that point. That smile was a lady killer! I'll capture that smile soon...just you wait!

Jon is an amazing Daddy. Nina so appreciates a husband who is so involved, so loving, so patient, protective, and so caring. She also thinks he's pretty hot too. ;)

What a cute little swirl

A true boy...loves hanging out in his birthday suit.

Sleepy boy!

Nina and Jon, I'm so excited ...I mean truly excited, overjoyed, full of love and totally impressed at the wonderful parents you are, and the beautiful little boy you have brought into this world. I can only imagine the goodness to come! Thank you for allowing me to document Lochlan's first days. Cheers to the adventures ahead!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Two years ago I never thought it possible that I would be focusing (no pun intended) my life in the direction of photography. It's a passion, a true love but I never new I could be making a living off of it too. "You mean, you actually can DO WHAT YOU LOVE?" I've heard about people doing that before, but it's always been ingrained that I need to do something that will allow me to be financially stable. I suppose that makes sense, esp. b/c I love to travel, and if I'm going to travel (and photograph those travels), I would need money...meaning, get a financially stable job. Ok, so I did just that. Got my Master's in Physical Therapy and then started a corporate career with medical device companies working as a clinical specialist. Granted, I've been doing something that I like, but not truly LOVE.
One day I ran across MeRa Koh blog, and I was instantly drawn to her. She offered courses in beginners photography...for woman...and I had to go. I attended one of her fabulous workshops and since then, my life has has been forever changed. I felt energized, a visceral gut feeling of wow...I want to pursue a career in photography...this is MY CALLING. MeRa is a superhero to me, and I don't think she knows enough how she inspired me to start my own business. Literally, the week after the course I launched my blog and my business.

MeRa and Brian of MeRa Koh Photography (pictures borrowed from their blog's one of their all time favorites!).
Realizing my calling is to be the best children, family and wedding photographer, I needed to take the appropriate steps, I needed direction. I started working with a business coach, MeRa's business coach...and a brilliant one at that. Karen Buckley and I have been working together for over a year and a half. Karen provided me the stepping stones it took to start a business. I loved taking pictures, but the business side of things was a whole new ball game...and I was honored to have Karen guide me.

picture borrowed from the Wisdom Connection

Karen has even recently started helping women realize their potential with her seminars (Wisdom Connection). Working with Karen has given me so many of the tools I need to get my business in great working order. I wouldn't be where I am today without her!
One of the biggest barriers with turning my photography business into a full time endeavour... which was the amount of hours I had to give to my corporate day job (remember that financial thing...). We're talking 50-70 hours a week...and then I was doing the photography thing on weekends. That has changed (some), and as of recent, I was laid off. Yep, I too was one of those people affected by the economy. However, I was lucky b/c I was offered a per diem job with this same company. Could there be a bigger blessing in disguise? I can work when I want to, still make some money, and now REALLY FOCUS on my photography business until I'm truly ready for it to become full time. WHICH WILL BE SOON....WATCH ME!

Now it's time to buckle down, get serious and plan for my future. And these experiences couldn't have happened at a better time. So, to take it serious, not only am I working with Karen, but as of this month, I am involved with one-on-one coaching with Dane Sanders. Dane is an amazing photographer out of Orange County and he is the founder of the Fast Track Photographers, which I happen to be a member of . Dane is offers the most incredible knowledge to help newbie photographers get on the FAST TRACK to starting their photography business. Dane will be a huge compliment the coaching I have received from Karen...and MeRa...and all those other fabulous photographers out there who have given me advice, wisdom, tips, tricks and tools.

(photo borrowed from Dane's facebook profile)
Dane is hard core...and I mean that in the greatest sense ever! He's thorough, no BS, and is extremely thought provoking. With the coaching, I have one-on-one conference calls, I receive 'homework', I get to work with a group of 4 others who are getting mentored and best of all, I get to share this knowledge with another become a mentor myself.

Now here's where the special comes in...

All the fabulous knowledge I receive from Dane, I GET to to turn around and share with someone for FREE! Now I get to be a MENTOR!

I am on the search for that individual who is interested in that mentor ship. Someone who is really ready to jump start their photography business and to be the best. The best is subjective word...but we all should strive for the BEST. I am, and that's why I'm honored to be able to receive this coaching from Dane, and to offer it to someone else. Could that person be you?
If that person is you, please leave me a comment here with why you deserve to receive the mentoring. I have a deadline of April 15th for all entries. Please share this information with other newbie, or even photographers who have been around awhile, but need a fresh pair of eyes to re-evaluate their business.
You can also submit your entries to :
I can't wait to get on the FAST TRACK...and to help you out as well.
And lastly a huge and personal THANK YOU to all those individuals who have been inspiration and those who have helped me along the way.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Baby Clara- 2 weeks old

Baby Clara- now at 2 weeks old. I don't even think I need to explain how cute she is and what a joy she has brought to everyone's life.

Sweet little grins
Teenie Tiny toesDimpled bottom

She looks like she could come out of the cocoon and spread her wings.

Bishop, such a great big brother...carefully watching over his lil' sis.

Happy baby and happy family.

Thank you again Dean, Judy, and baby Clara (Bishop too) for allowing me to document this amazing time in your lives. Such an honor!