Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Amy- Senior Portraits

I had such a fun time this past weekend being able to capture the true beauty of a gorgeous young adult...Amy (John's neice). Amy was so excited to get her senior portraits taken but has already found, it's going to be a tough decision with which picture she wants to put in the yearbook since she looks amazing in all of them!

Amy's already said that she definitely wants one with water in the background...I think this may be her final answer!

Amy has the most amazing eyes and smile. This particular pose captures that true beauty...believe me, I took a lot of these.

Amy is such a sweetheart, loves her friends and family to pieces, is full of energy and has an infectious personality. Oh yeah, and having just turned 18... she gets to help us vote in the up coming election! Vote wisely my dear ...the future is in your hands.

As with most young adults, their phones are prized possessions...this case remains true with Amy. Addicted could be the choice word, so, naturally, I had to capture this bonding moment.

Amy, I'm so excited for you and your Senior year! I can't wait to see what all life has to offer
you...the best IS yet to come!

Thank you for allowing me to capture your glowing and beautiful personality! Love you girl!
p.s Happy 18th Birthday...welcome to adulthood =)
To view the whole album, go to: http://picasaweb.google.com/jennifermacniven/Amy#

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Ridiculously Cute!

With so many ridiculously cute pictures of Brody, it was hard to limit myself from sharing so many precious moments. How can one resist this look...it would easily make a mom or dad melt.
Or these eyes...hello?!

The bonding between boys...simply the best thing to witness. Chuck and Brody share tender, yet 'manly', fun, and playful moments together. These two have years ahead of them that will be full of memories such as this.

The bonding b/w Mom and baby is something that can not be broken, and the bond is beyond explanation...so complex on so many levels. So SWEET!

The details that parents love to remember... the bed they lay their
little one to sleep in each night. The tender features of eyelashes, tiny feet and toes, the cutest rolls and baby bottoms, the laughter, and those heart shape lips that love to blow bubbles.

Thank you all for allowing me to come into your home and document your beautiful family and I certainly can't wait to see you all again soon! All my best!

Geez...I mean...ridiculously cute! To check out the rest of the photos, go to:

Monday, September 22, 2008

Sneak peak at adorable Brody

Stay tuned for more cuteness from 4 month old adorable little Brody.

I will also be catching up on some of the weddings I assited at this summer...so also stay tuned for beautiful brides and grooms, their special moments together and the gorgeous details.
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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Hiking at "Ghost Mountain"

When I first arrived in Seattle ELEVEN YEARS AGO, I oftened referred to Mt. Rainier as the "Ghost Mountain". Depending on the weather, you could you either see her in all her glory...or as I've done many times...point out the direction that she would be if the clouds didn't cover her up. This weekend in late August, the "Ghost Mountain" she was not. Out in all her glory, Mt.Rainier welcomed us on a beautiful sunny day.

John and I had a fun 7 mile hike all around Sunrise...The view was majestic and Mt.Rainier was unbelievably impressive with her shear size!

I love capturing all the beauty that make this hike so breathtaking...the tall trees, jagged peaks, glacier water, wildflowers and even the tiniest of creatures.

After our long afternoon of hiking, John and I snacked on wine, cheeze, crackers and SMORES! Now that's some fancy camping! Here's John getting' his smores on at our campsite.
Along with the beauty of the day...the nighttime brought us sparkling lights that filled up the sky in infinite numbers. I even captured a shooting star/satellite zooming by.

What a wonderful day!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Halle Bee and Owsey too

Halle Bee... a beautiful little 4 year old...nicknamed 'Bee' b/c she was said to be buzzing around in her Mom's belly when she was pregnant with her...is such a delight to be around. Her infectious grin (mind you, there were pouts too..which are equally as cute) was so fun to capture. This session was a special one b/c Halle was blessed to receive the CUTEST, and most girly, fluffy, skirt as a gift. Today was the day she got to prance around feel pretty.

I love the detail of the flower in her hair. What little girl wouldn't love this?

How adorable...I want one of these skirts...seriously!
After a few minutes of showing me how well she can pout...Halle then put on her smiley face and wouldn't stop with the giggles and the 'look at me' poses.

True 4 year old sassiness at it's finest. Just makes me giggle...LOVE IT!
Little brother Owen, nickname...Owsey...wanted to get in the action too.However, being a true little boy form, he went straight for the dirt pile. That smirk can only mean one thing...trouble. No keeping those clothes cleaned!

He was quite the little helper with the shovel, and then realized, just rolling around was way more fun.Who couldn't melt over this tender little kiss that Halle is giving to her little brother.

Miss Riley couldn't be forgotten...since she was the first kiddo of the family. HAPPY DOG!

Riley graciously posed with one of her favorite toys.

To check out the album...go to http://picasaweb.google.com/jennifermacniven/HalleBee#

Thanks to Halle, Owen and Riley for letting me have a fun filled day with you all! I look forward to seeing you all again soon!