Friday, December 26, 2008

And the Winner is....


I received numerous nominations of well deserving families fo my Christmas "Gift of Giving" ...and I wish I could post them all for you to read (it's so nice to know there is still so much goodness going on in the world)...but this particular one stuck in my head immediately! Since I still work in the medical community, I understand how difficult it is to take care of disabled children...on top of all of the other duties there are in life. This woman, Stacy, exemplifies the meaning of being a 'woman', a 'mother', a 'friend' and a true 'humanitarian'. I am honored to provide her and her family with a free photo session...and to give back to someone who is so giving!

Here is Stacy's story...graciously nominated by Laura...thank you Laura!

I am an adoption social worker for the state and have seen many remarkable people over the past 12 years but woman bring tears to my eyes every time I think of how much she does for our community. She is a woman that puts most of us to shame. She is a stay at home mother and her husband works two jobs (so that she can afford to be home full-time to care for their disabled children). If memory serves me right, they have one birth child, three adopted children, and one current foster child. I was the social worker who facilitated the latest adoption. That child was has an older birth sibling that they had previously adopted. When the birth mother was pregnant with the second child, she contacted this family and asked them to adopt the new baby, which they said yes. They participated in prenatal appointments as well as the birth for the baby. They have been caring for that little boy since. That little boy, now two years old and is disabled with an unknown diagnosis. She takes him to Children’s hospital several times per month for more and more testing, each time for something worse. In the midst of the testing, she decided to help out the 3 Day walk (see below string of emails). The day before the 3 Day walk, I called and said I needed to come by her home for a last minute visit, which she said no problem. She failed to mention that she was attempting to make thousands of cookies for the 3 Day walk. While I was there, she was caring for about five children, one with the flu, and had a steady stream of visitors dropping of cookies by the masses. The little boy I worked with was adopted the beginning of October and that is where my time with the family ended; however, I think of them often. The mother also volunteers helping out other foster parents, does foster care recruitment, volunteers for her church, and much, much, more. I wish I had a fraction of her energy. She is the most thankful person for the smallest things. It would be great to see her get something back in return.
I look forward to meeting you Stacy and God Bless you!
Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 15, 2008

The gift of GIVING...

In the spirit of the holidays and my FIRST full year of being a business (Jennifer MacNiven Photography)... I want to offer my thanks and to be able to give back during this special time of year.

I am offering a gift of a portrait session, capturing those special memoires, to one lucky and deserving family.

Here's where I need your help!

Email me at: or leave me a comment below with your nomination of a family and why you think they should be chosen. With the tough economy and/ or other situations that make life challenging, especially during the holidays, I would love to be able to help out a family in need. The chosen family will be given a special portrait that they will always remember! The session includes a 1 1/2 hours of photography by yours truly, a CD of 50+ beautifully edited photos and one framed 8x10 portrait of their choice, to display proudly on their home.

I will make the announcement of who the special family is on Christmas Eve!
I love being able to GIVE BACK!

Thank you in advance for your nominations and Happy Holidays to all!
Jennifer MacNiven Photography

(p.s. It would be appreciate if family nominations could be with in an approx. 50 mi radius of Seattle and I will need some form of communication to reach the chosen please include that as well....thanks!)

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Wright Stuff

The words to describe these kids, Josh and Rachel...are outgoing, full of life, endless smiles, intelligent, loving, sweet and gorgeous (they should really be models)! I absolutely loved being able to have the opportunity to spend time with them and capture all sides of their personalities.
Rachel had a knack for 'smiling' for the camera, but I loved when I was able to capture that soft, sweet look. Just stunning!Josh was pure joy, and so free with the camera! I love his eyes and his generous heart that you can see in them! Watch out ladies...better yet, watch out Mom and Dad!These two were so playful and I just loved the interaction between them.Cute tootsies!How sweet...I can just imagine this same image at Rachel's wedding day!Both of them love to read...Rachel is into the Vampire series.Josh is into an eclectic group of books. Not only is Josh super intelligent, he can recite all 50 states in under 20 seconds!Rachel's reading corner, and her fun, pink and girly bedroom. She loves Josh, Miley and......she really loves Patrick!One of my personal favorites of the bunch!Awww...I mean, he's just so sweet!I got a fun series of shots with Josh's favorite hat...but I love this one.Josh brought out some of his favorite things...including this cool dragon.With the first major Colorado snow storm, we had to go outside to take some 'wintery' photos...and when there's snow...there's snowballs! Watch out!

Cuteness at it's finest

Brotherly and sisterly love
Thanks to the Wright family for letting me capture your amazing too Angel (this dog is the ultimate sweet heart). Have a wonderful holiday and I hope to see you all again soon! Next time, Mom and Dad will be getting into the action too! ;) To see the whole gallery, go to:

Sunday, November 30, 2008


I wanted to post a little thanks to all the wonderful people in my life...friends and family. I have so much to be thankful for, and I would write everything down, but my list would be too long! Thanks to the Wright family for hosting a wonderful Thanksgiving Day. I'm blessed to have spent it with you, the Mahoneys, my parents and bro in snowy Colorado. It was a wonderful weekend.My parents and brother, Kevin.

After a wonderful meal, we spent our evening making graham cracker houses. We didn't have the frosting part down until later in the evening...hence the mess. But, we finally got it down to make it look somewhat of a house.
I was having a blast sharing the holidays with one of my closest, and oldest friend, Dana. Here we are reinacting our junior high days! Cousin It?
To view more photos from my great weekend...and more family photos, check out:

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Dyer Family

I have been long over due with posting...and what better way to pick back up during the holidays and be able to show you a beautiful family...The Dyers. I am so thankful to have been able to capture some wonderful moments of them, playing as a family, in the gorgeous PNW fall.Avery, the littlest Dyer, was such a joy to be around and I absolutely fell in love with her personality. I captured so many aspects of it...and here are a few:
Does just plain adorable count?independentcuriousplayful (I feel like she's about to start singing Wide Open Spaces by the Dixie Chicks)DaringInquisitive: I love this's so fun, playful and of course, shows that mom and dad are still in love. What a better gift than that to give your child?Happy
Protected Loved!GigglyQuiet and peacefulSnuggly and shyGraciousOutgoing
And did I already mention, stinkin' CUTE!

Thank you Tia, Trevor and Avery for a beautiful day and the chance to capture your families warmth, generosity, kindness and love for eachother! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and the rest of the holiday season!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Punkins from the patch

It was the most perfect fall day last weekend...and I was so lucky to be invited to Swans Trail Farms (where I helped photograph a wedding this to come) to photograph all the fun that goes on at the Farm during their pumpkin patch season. The highlight was to be able to capture such fun memories for families and get some amazing photographs of their little ones in action. And with over 800 edited was certainly hard to choose from, so the full gallery is at
The fall colors were amazing...and with so much to do, the photographing was endless. A huge 12 acre corn maze (in the shape of WA State)......the pumpkin patch...with lots of lil punkins...check out this cutie!Activities of all sorts...playing in the sand, fishing ponds, streams to pan for gold in...and the FOOD...oh, the food! Hot cinnamon buns, carmel apples, spiced cider donuts, kettle corn, BBQ sandwiches, corn on the cob...making me salivate thinking about it!This kiddo clearly had everything I just mentioned...his sticky little face just cracks me up.The petting zoo and animal shows were a huge hit with the kiddos. Love the little piglet tails. These guys did a fun '3 little pigs and the big bad wolf' skit.This miniture pony could have fit in my back pocket...and had I not looked suspicious with a pony in my pocket...I would have taken him home! One of the major hits with the kiddos were the jumping hay barn...literally piled with lose hay and bails piled around the edges so the kids could JUMP off the bails and land softly. It was a great place for some family photos too. All the kids out there were so uberly cute and it was a photographing dream. Precious kiddos with cute fall clothes on and having the time of their lives...playing...what could be better? Someone's got a monkey on his back.
The second hot spot of the farm (in my opinion..and it was probably my favorite) was the shed filled with dried corn kernels. It felt amazing on the feet and was so fun to roll around in. The kids AND parents had the best time playing in here.
Hello? Adorable!
This family was a have to check out all their photos in the gallery...such fun!
Many families would come to the farm together and I loved capturing the interaction b/w all the friends playing together...
or goofy cousins!
This is why I love photographing so much...capturing those priceless expressions and moments... now frozen and perfect.

I want to thank Carol, Beth and Ben Krause (the owners of Swans Trail Farms ..aka THE FARM) for letting me join you on such a fun and memorable occasion. I hope to make this an annual event...b/c truly, it was a highlight of the year.