Sunday, July 27, 2008

Ms. Doreen

Doreen is possibly the sweetest lady I've met! Her heart is pure and her life is genuine. I met Doreen at a wedding (her grand daughter is Alisa, whose wedding I photographed) and she asked me if I could take her headshots. Why you ask? Because at the young age of 78 (she's gorgeous...78? Remarkable!), Doreen has co-authored a book:
"Growing Toward God: Life Lessons Inspired by the Wonderful Words of Kids"
Doreen, I wish you all the best in publishing your book and thank you for letting me be a bit of the process (and John too...the 'reflector guy'). I can't wait to read the book! Best wishes and God Bless!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Announcing Mr. and Mrs. Stark

It's always an honor to witness 'true love' and my friends', Brent and Lisa, wedding was a justification of this love. To capture this moment of happiness, pure joy,a new Mr. and Mrs., is priceless.

The first dance was a peaceful and loving moment. And the father-daughter dance was just so moving.Lisa poured her heart and soul into the details of the wedding and everything came out perfect. Brent is a pilot, and the placecards were to honor him. Airplanes attached to a banner with a name tag listing a destination (table) that we had to fly to. Very cute! More of the fabulous details

Cutting of the cakes Sweet kissesI met Lisa through Team in Training, and here are our fabulous friends from TNT. Brent and Lisa's nephew was quite the Rico Suave...and a smooth dancer.
Brent and his AirForce buddies serenaded "You've lost that lovin' feeling" to Lisa.
Lisa serenaded "Busta Move" to Brent...LOL.
The dancing was awesome and everyong had the most fantastic time.
Congratulations to Brent and Lisa! May your lives be filled with happiness, love, success and lots of little Starks running around! Love you both!

To view more photos:

Friday, July 25, 2008

What photography means to me...

I borrowed this quote for the just struck a cord with me when I read it. Happy Friday!

Everything I take a picture of, I try to think of it as a new invention for someone to see. If it comes out perfect it is because I put my heart into it. And if the viewer likes it, it is because his or her heart and emotions accepted it. ~Anonymous

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Massages anyone?

I just thought this was adorable. John's nephew's are the best massage therapists...full on steam rollers ... ...even doubled up steam rollers.
A little chiropractic action
and walking on your hands...literally.How lucky are we to have such a complimentary service?

A Day at the beach

It was a brisk early summer day in Mukilteo and John's family decided to have a little fun at the beach. This family is just too precious and I love being able to capture their personalities when I'm around. Carl is very inquisitive and rushed quickly down to the beach and immediately started moving find "something moving". The Hermit crabs had no chance... Owen emulated big brother, and too was looking hard for something unique on the beach.Proud of his find, Owen showed Uncle John and Janie his little crab he found.Here's a little guy Carl found.Amy, Megan, Janie and Brian...loving brother and sisters....and just adorable! Here's all the girls (Janie, Katie, Megan, Lisa, Amy and Karen)
Brian with his Eminem pose
I couldn't stop laughing at this 'tough guy' shot...their just so sweet and innocent to be throwing a gangsta look. Boys will be boys ;).
Lots more photos from this day, but had to share a few. Looking forward to the next family gathering!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Jennie and Vichet- Engagement Session

I had the pleasure of being able to document a couple's enduring love for one another and the pictures that will mark their 'engagement'...however, they have been together for over 9 years. Without even seeing their faces, you can already feel the gentle love, generosity and playfulness between the two.
Jennie and Vichet met through friends in their hometown of Wenatchee. They now live in Seattle...their new home, and got engaged last Septemeber. I just adore the way Vichet and Jennie meld together and make such a beautiful couple.
This moment captures an essense of calm and pure happiness. I love the serene look on Vichet's face as he snuggles up with his sweetheart.Jennie's smile let's us all know that he is the ONE!
I had to laugh when taking this photo, b/c it all happened naturally...a little sassy stance from Jennie, and that confident pose with Vichet checking out his gorgeous fiance that says...
"Uh huh, that's right boys, she's mine!"
I felt like I was spying on a special moment here...
Who could pass up a little kissing infront of this skyline.I want to thank you both for letting me capture this magical time in your life and I look forward to your wedding in August. I'm sure it will be a blast!