Wednesday, November 28, 2007

This won't last long...

I'm offering a steal of a deal right now on family, pregnancy, new born, or engagement photo session. For a one hour session and a CD with your edited images, it's only $150. Prices won't stay this low for long! Portraits are a great gift for loved ones, for updating your family pictures, or for that special holiday card. I've already got several sessions booked and seeing that the holidays are coming fast, you'll want your pictures taken sooner than later. I hope to be able to work with you soon, and who knows, become your family photographer for years to come!

BTW...I'm already booking weddings for 2008, so if you know anyone needing a wedding photographer, I'm their gal.

Monday, November 26, 2007

I love my new job!

I hope you all enjoyed your long holiday weekend. I sure did! I've gotten quite a bit done on my website and I got to TAKE PICTURES! I love my new job!

Check out the great pictures I took yesterday during a family photo shoot of my dear friends of 10 years. I've seen the transformation of Cathy and Brooks from crazy college graduates, to lifetime partners, to amazing parents. Their kids are just so freakin' adorable!

Devon showing me her lil tootsies

Beautiful Olson family

Owen wanted no part in sitting still to take pictures.

Bubbles were brought out to get the kids interested...LOL...yeah right!

Devon had fun riding her tricycle. Check out those baby blues.

Owen had fun scootin' around on his fire truck

Sweet kisses

I love this picture of Cathy and Devon
The Olson's walking with Tucker (the lab) back home after playing on the golf course
Thanks you guys for letting me spend the day with you. Love you and hope you enjoy your Christmas pictures.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Business Cards...check

Word has already spread and I'm getting requests for photoshoots. This week I have two, one family and one party at the WAC. Very exciting! I've spent some time today making business cards, here's what they look like:
front of card

back of card

If you want any cards to hand out to friends or family, let me know and I will make sure to send you some. When the website is up, I will redo them to include the website address...but for now this is it.

I hope you all had a great time with your friends and family over the holiday. My time was spent with John, my aunt, uncle, grandma and two of her dear friends (like grandparents to me). We had an amazing gourmet turkey dinner and then we all snuggled up near the fire, had our tea/coffee, homemade pumpkin pie and watched 'Ratatoulle'. A lovely evening!

I am definitely blessed and thankful for so much this year, especially everyone's support. Thank you!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Website production has started

I started the process this weekend of putting my website together. Who knew it could take so much time, thought and planning. Kudos to those out there who do it for a living. It will certainly take me a little time to get it going, but I'm hoping to have it 'go live' by the end of the year. In the meantime, I will continue to add a picture here and there on the blog to keep those reading this entertained =). And thank you to those who are reading this.

A couple of fun things I did this weekend... For those of you who know me know that I've participated in Team in Training with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and this season I'm going to do another event with them. In June I will be competing in a Half Iron Man triathlon and I will have to raise thousands of dollars before I get there, as well as train throughout the winter and spring months. It's fun, but hard work. I love it! I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in working out/getting in shape for a good cause (YOU are cause enough, but a society helping others is great too). So, being that I live in Seattle, our practice on Saturday involved a lot of running around on trails in the rain while playing a game. It was so easy to run an hour when it's fun!

Other than that, I was able to get John up and out of the house for dinner out and playing some games. He's getting back to a better self. yeah.

Alright, I have to get some more work done.

Here's a picture of a gorgeous tree in one of my favorite parks in W.Seattle, Lincoln Park.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Harvest Festival

I said to myself that I wantd to write on my blog every other day at least, but this week just took over. John had a life changing surgery on Tuesday...he got a bright, new shiny hip. Yes, I said a new hip. He's doing great now and taking it easy at home for quite a few days. Congrats babe...I hope you're up and running around soon.

Wed and Thursday took me to Montana and Portland for work. Upon my return on Thursday night, my flight got my co-worker and I rented a car and drove home. The joys of business travel. Today I had to play catch up with work and help take care of John while he's still recovering and unfortunately, dealing with a fever. But, he got to shower today! Woohoo for showers! LOL

Last Sunday was the 'harvest festival' with John's family. His brother, Bill, and his family came into town from CA. The rest of John's sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins and kids joined in the celebration...that would be around 50+ people. =) woah! My immediate family is about 17...certainly not big. It was great for the picture taking...which of course, I did. So here are a few fun photos that I can share of John's family.

Brothers and Sisters (Katie, Bill, Lisa and John)

Here is Owen and Georgia (John's niece and nephew) hard at work coloring

Look at this face!! I crack up every time I see it. Mason (one of John's second cousin's kid) has a HUGE freakin cute!

Georgia, John's niece, is just sweet and precious as can be!

Another cute kiddo. Everytime he saw the camera, he said a big 'Cheese' ,with a Chandler Bing-like smile (which really isn't a smile).Too funny!
Steele (Mason's brother) is such a little man. Love his grin. =)
Carey, John's sister in law, was teaching the kids how to play a game.
Westin, John's nephew, got caught looking like a chipmunk. This picture cracks me up!
John's mom's hands with Owen's (the youngest of his nephews). I thought of retaking this photo to have her fingers close together, but John's sister, Katie, said this is exactly how she holds her hands and uses her middle two fingers most often. It was a sweet example of how their mom really is.
The crazy Lucas gang (John's sister's family)
John's brother and his family (The Carpenters)
John's youngest sister and her family (The Wallace gang)
The whole family together. It was amazing we all held still to get a great shot...with everyone smiling too. Way to go guys! We had a great time seeing everyone.
As always, so many more pictures were taken that I could share, but I have to limit myself. ;)
Now on to the fun part of my day....yes, on a Friday night, I'm going to try to finish editing some photos from my family photo shoot and get my website rollin'. I'm super excited.

Big congratulations to my friend Monique Lowe for getting her photography business off the ground and launching her website. I'm right behind ya sister!
War Eagle!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Cute Kiddos

Today is a beautiful sunny day and I should be outside, but first I wanted to post some cute kiddo pictures. I'm also torn b/w the nice weather and watching my Auburn Tigers play Georgia. I have to throw out a big WAR EAGLE!

It's hard to choose from all the cutie pies I've taken photos of...but here are a few.
1st...I couldn't resist...look at these adorable little feet
This little one is sleeping on mom's shoulder
Look at these precious hands
This scene makes me want to be a adorable all curled up.Look at these blue eyes...and blue buttons to match. This picture makes me giggle!
Look at the fun sea shell
The picture I took before this one, all the leaves completely covered her head. I totally remember being a kid and playing in the leaves. So fun!
How exciting to find a big stick in the woods.
Love the intent look while coloring. He is an amazing artist and loves his playdough too.
When I was in Italy, I got this shot while playing in San Marco Square. This is probably one of my all time favorite shots. When the photo is blown up really big, his eyes are so green and he has such a look....I love it!
These girls are so adorable.
Look at her pondering away.
This cute little girl is completely intrigued by my dolphin tatoo. =)
She also loves her my little ponies and this squishy dinosaur... CHOMP!
Blue eyes
This kiddo was so proud to be a flower girl and especially loved her tiara.
LOVE kids giggling...
Here's another flower girl...she was a bit more shy...still, so cute.
This little boy was so excited while watching fireworks...I had to take a pic of him.
Well folks...that's all for now. Enjoy your weekend!
By the way, more pictures to come .... stay tuned.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

A little pics

Thank you all for your warm responses to my new blog and the pictures I have posted. It's taking some time to get a website up with more photos for you all to look at and truely see what type of work I do, so, I'm including a little taste of moments I've captured. My blog will also include what else is happening in my life: work, play, goals, friends and family.

The first group of pictures are of weddings. My most recent wedding are great friends of mine, N&J ...congratulations you two! My dear friends, Judy and Dean, let me take their engagement photos and I also got to capture their beautiful wedding day. So hard to choose just a couple pics since there are so many fun, and gorgeous ones to choose from. There are more weddings I photographed this year, so I just included a couple.

This next week I will post some of my favorite pictures...creative, scenic, people, etc. Tomorrow I will show pictures of kiddos and a pregnancy photo shoot I did. Hope you enjoy. Come back daily to see what else is new. Thanks for all your support.

N was a GORGEOUS's one of my favorite shots of her looking out the window at the gorge.

N&J sharing a great moment right after they became Mr. and Mrs.

a picture of her bouquet...that I made ;)

D&J's wedding. Here's a great shot of their decorations (done by Donna at DiStephano winery The photo in the background is one I took of them during their engagement shoot.

J was such a beautiful and graceful bride...she's so photogenic.
DiStefano Wine...check them out! My first wedding that I photographed, solo, was of M&T. M&A were a beautiful and exotic couple to take pictures of...

Another cute couple on their way out.
So many more to keep checking back and soon, I will have a website up.

TGIF (tomorrow)