Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Girl Photographers Rock Seattle

Tonight is going to ROCK! A group of fabulous local women photographers will get together to share in inspiration, technique, and take some fun, sassy photos of one another. We will be scouting locations in the International District and doing what we love best...taking pictures. Tomorrow I'll share the memories of our first adventure together. Stay tuned!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

White, simple...perfect. I am renewed!

I love the first signs spring! Flowers, sunshine, birds chirping and breathing in that cool, moist air as I walk amongst the tall evergreens... it gives me a fresh sense of renewal.

On my first hike of the season, I eagerly search the forest floor and become giddy when I find my FAVORITE flower…white, simple, and absolutely perfect...the TRILIUM!

An endagered species, the Trilium must only be admired in it's natural setting... or in a precious photo that can last a lifetime.

Continuing to breathe in more of spring, I admire the glowing green moss blanketing the forest which provides the life for my sweet flower.

And the rivers cascading a drapery of satin. Ahhh, I am renewed!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Welcome baby Jacob

Welcome baby Jacob! You may remember the post about the baby shower I attended a couple months ago...well, here is the little guy that was being celebrated. Jacob joined this world almost 3 weeks ago and his mommy, Lauren (a Team in Training buddy) welcomed me into her home yesterday to document her little one's earliest days. Look at this guy all snuggled up, sleeping soundly. Jacob was thoroughly intrigued with mom and had such cute faces to display his curiosity.

Lauren especially loves his tiny features, look at those tiny tootsies...just adorable!

The contrast of his wee lil' fingers against mom's hand...priceless.

Mom and baby bonding......check out his soft, swirly brown hair.

Jacob was a good little model...
but he certainly let us know when he wasn't happy. His whole body turned cherry red...too cute not to capture.We couldn't forget the two previous children that now have a 'little competition'. Mommy and Daddy love these two and are still just as precious to them...even if they do break flower pots.
Thanks Lauren for allowing me to capture these precious moments of Jacob's first couple weeks. It will be fun to compare his 6 month photo session to his 3 weeks old...time will fly. Enjoy these special days with him. All my best to you, Ian and Jacob.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Oh Baby!

I had the pleasure of capturing a little time in a bottle for two extremely proud parents. Katie and Jim were so excited to receive a photoshoot as a present and wanted to remember sweet little Sophie at the precious age of 6 months old. Sophie was a supermodel...check out this pose with that perfect little bottom.

In yoga...they call this pose the laughing baby. Now I know why. Look at that smile!

Katie and Jim are originally from Minnesota and love hockey! Looks like Sophie is already a fan.

Sophie is also a fan of pretty much anything these said she's teething.

Everything at this age is fascitating...even one's own toes.
Katie and Jim must have a blast with Sophie with all her different baby faces, esp her little puckered lips and those beautiful eyes.

Ditto for this picture...I mean, come cute can she get?

The softness of her hair, that spiral with the most adorable bangs...something parents wish they could treasure forever.

Or the sweet touch of a baby's hand while gently falling asleep......and the ten tiny toes that make your heart melt.Modeling is such a hard job...but so worth the memories that mom, dad and all the family and friends will cherish. Thank you for letting me be able to document the beginnings of Sophie's life. She's a doll!
Do you have a precious little one that you'd love to make time stand still for a moment? Please let me know and I would love to capture those memories for you. I have special going on: $200 for 60-90min session with an online gallery and CD images of 30 photos...or $300 for a newborn session (45 min) and 6 mo. later another photo session (45 min), with online gallery and CD of selected photos. This special will go through til June 1st.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Girls just wanna have FUN

Leaving singlehood and diving into the world of marital bliss, one of my closest friends, Nicole celebrated her bachelorette party, VEGAS STYLE! With 7 of her friends, Nicole got to relax a little and enjoy some good ol' girl time prior to her April 26th wedding. I was honored to help her celebrate and document her weekend.

Nicole and her gals went to PRIVE, at Planet Hollywood, to do a little dancing. VIP style!

Nicole got to spend the day relaxing in a Cabana, soaking up the sun, drinking fun cocktails and listening to us tell our 'favorite Nicole stories' from years past. Oh, there were some good ones!DZ sorority sisters from Auburn University (Jen, Nicole and Kendra) share some laughs together on the last evening.
Nic, I hope you had a wonderful weekend and we all look forward to your special day. Love you!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

What a Gem!

My family has class! Meet my aunt Tinka (her real name in Christine...but somehow got a family name of Tinka).
I was playing around with my camera on Easter and got many reactions. The get-the-'blank'-out-of-here look. The I'm-just-gonna-stick-out-my-tongue-and-ruin-the-picture look.
The now-you-made-me-laugh-so-hard-and-I-hate-it-when-my-nose-wrinkles--so-i'm-going-to-just-cover-it look.
The laughing-so-hard-I'm-not-even-paying-attention-to-you-taking-my-photo-anymore look.

I'm so-sweet-innocent-and-feel-like-I'm-29-AGAIN-look.

Don't let her fool you! Seriously though, my aunt is my best friend and I love her dearly. I could go on for days about the support, love, and kicks in the butt she's given me over the years. She's a gem! And speaking of which...she makes her own glass beads for jewelry....which are amazing! Just like her! ;) Love you! (her website is coming soon)

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Muddy, snowy, NW Trail Running

SNOW!? Expecting maybe a wet or even cold day, the NW Trail Runners ( found themselves in a race that few have ever done.

Over 150 runners came out for the 5 or 10 mile run and willing braved the elements of cold, slippery mud, snow, and puddles that were knee deep...and they had a blast!
Here's one of my favorite shots I captured this morning. Calling these runners 'muddy' would have been an understatement.
One of my closest friends, Nina, helps out with the NW Trail Runs and is a personal running coach herself (NRG Running). She's an amazing athlete and currently competes in all types of running and adventure races. She, along with all the other races enjoyed this new atmosphere of a trail run....SNOW! So fun!