Friday, May 21, 2010

Mother's Day Mini #2

Mother's Day Sessions were so fun...and there was no exception when it came to documenting Sonja and Ryan. Sonja is a cousin of Jeannette, who's maternity, newborn and family photos I have taken this past year. I love it when clients are so excited about referring friends and family. Best compliment ever! ;)Ryan was a little leary of getting in the grass, but mom's sweet kisses gave him the courage. This was literally is first time laying in the grass. What a new world!
He was definitely curious with his surroundings...but oh, so cute at the same time.

Grass and weeds were definitely a delicacy today...and I'm sure the feel of it on his hands was just the coolest. From curiosity to ripping plants out of the ground and tasting them...took all of seconds. That's a boy for ya! ;)
Such a doll with those big brown eyes.

Thanks again Sonja for allowing me to document Ryan at 7 months and to capture some priceless moments. I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day! He's a lucky little boy!

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Kevin Wrenn Photography said...

Sweet shots of this little chubby cheeked man. Super cute!