Monday, April 19, 2010

Watch out Wall Street!

I had the best honor of being able to join Emily, her mom and sister at a gorgeous farm in Issaquah for Emily's SENIOR session. This isn't an ordinary senior session. See, Emily is 19 and never got to be a senior in highschool. She was on the fast track and started college at age 16. WHAAT? Yeah, that's what I said. Not only is she gorgeous, she's uber smart too. So, this senior session was a present from her mom, to honor her senior year at University of Washington, where she'll be graduating from in June. Straight out of college, she'll be heading to the Big Apple to work on WALL STREET. Amazing! I showed this picture to Emily immediately after I took it, and she said 'I love it! That's my favorite!' (I love it too Emily)Put your financial trust in with Emily, you could be living the high life ;).

A couple of business shots. I'm sure she'll put those boys on Wall Street to shame.
Simply stunning. Such a pretty smile and piercing blue eyes.
One of my favorite parts of the session was being able to photograph Emily with her favorite pets. I being a horse person myself, loved being able to capture the bond between her and her horse, Adobe. Love how both their eyes are closed, her hand on his chin. Such a sweet moment.
Everything about this photo makes my heart melt as well.
Probably one of my favorite photos of the day...however, so hard to choose. ;)
Thanks again Emily for allowing me to capture some fun memories and some beautiful photos of you, your pets, your sis (Melanie...below). You're such a sweetie and I know you'll have a blast in NYC. Best wishes for a successful career and make sure to call your mom often, I know she's going to miss you bunches!

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