Monday, November 16, 2009

Mud and Chocolate

Last weekend I was a proud participant, and the unofficial/official photographer, of the first annual MUD AND CHOCOLATE run. Put on by the fabulous Nina...who is not only one of my best friends, but an amazing running coach! Nina's love of Chocolate and running, couldn't have come together in a better fashion. The plan, run a 4.5mi or 13.1 mi trail run, in the mud...and at the end...indulge in chocolate...of all kinds. Come on, who can say no to that?! Brilliant!Her wonderful husband, Jon, is such a huge supporter and helped out with all the fun details of the day's events.NRG running and Everyday Athlete...proud sponsors of the event.Before pictures, of all the cute gators...all clean.People came in all sorts of fun gear, ready for the wet weather, and getting muddy.And muddy they were!This gal was such a huge fan, she even had her own t-shirt designed for the event. Love it!Of course, I have to agree with the shirt. I did the race myself, but I knew what was waiting for me at the finish line. All sorts of chocolate!The best piece of chocolate...was the gold chocolate medal that everyone received. Such fun!
Thanks to all the sponsors, fun participants and girls who let me pace off of you! What a fun event! Can't wait for next year's mud and chocolate run!

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Anonymous said...

Jenn - thanks for the great photos, you caught me with both feet in the air!

Thanks again,
Gal in pink and cheetah