Tuesday, September 8, 2009

2 months gone by....but lots to share! Newborn sneak peek!

I feel like I'm starting a new diary ... from a hiatus of several years. So much to catch up on, where to start? Do I go back to where I left off? And why has it been so long? With 20+ sessions and weddings to share, this blog should have been on FIRE! But, it's been cold for sometime b/c of a new found friend....FACEBOOK. Yes, facebook has taken over and has consumed all of the highlights and sessions. Uploading full galleries of photos has been such a treat and I love being able to share them with my clients asap...for all their friends and family to see, comment on...and ooh and ahh over their favorites. I've learned though recently, I need to share the wealth...through all avenues of lovely cyberspace...so folks, I'm back. ;) Ready to share with you my awesome clients and their beautiful memories. Tomorrow, I'll post some favorites from the past couple months ... and they may be repeats for some of you following me on Facebook ( and if you haven't become a 'fan' yet...you can do so.)

However, here is a sneak peek of a session that I did this past Friday with a new adorable newborn, Avery, and her parents, Cindy and Travis. Congratulations again and thank you for letting me come into your home to capture Avery at her tiniest. Too cute! More to come soon!

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