Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Wedding: Laney and Tim

It was such an honor to be able to be a witness and capture the beautiful wedding of Laney and Tim. They are such a sweet, loving and extremely happy couple. Laney and Tim met eachother in an 'untraditional' yet seemingly more common way these days...good ol' Match.com. However, Laney would prefer that they met at a race...so, we'll just go with that. ;)
The wedding day was on a cold, blustery, rainy Seattle day...however, the smiles on everyone's faces and the excitement in the air did not elude to the elements outside. It was still a 'perfect day'.

The excitement of donning the dress brought huge smiles to everyone's faces.

Laney looked so gorgeous and radiant...and the look on her mom's face is absolutely priceless. Her little girl...all grown up and getting married.

The guys were clearly excited as well...
Laney and her bridesmaids, including her brother, Casey, who is her all time best friend. Their relationship is so incredibly special, that it's heart warming just to watch them interact with one another. Although Casey is her younger brother, he is her protector...and today, along with Laney's dad, he gave his sister away to Tim.

The best part of the day is the 'first look'...it's such a special time to see one another, aside from the chaos...and allows for a time to just be together. There is such an incredible sequence that was captured of the first look, but I think this says it all...the excitement, the tears...the flooding of emotion.

During the wedding ceremony...this chest was presented as a commitment from Laney and Tim to eachother...to open cards that they wrote to eachother, on their wedding day, to remind eachother WHY they loved eachother so much and chose to spend their lives together. This chest is to be opened (with a bottle of wine), on their 10 year anniversary...or if there are struggles in the relationship (aka: "in case of emergency"). I'm sure it will be a fabulous 10 year anniversary gift!

Announcing Mr. and Mrs. O'Neil!

First dance as husband and wife.

Laney's has such a special relationship with her dad...he is an awesome guy and undoubtably the best laugh EVER!

The toasts...

The cake...
Dancing the night away...boy did this group dance!!!

The grand finale...and the beginning of a great life together.

Laney's parents cracking up as they send them off...

Thank you again Laney and Tim for letting me be a part of your beautiful day. I hope your trip to New Zealand is unbelievable and cheers to the adventures of life that await you. All my best...always!

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