Thursday, June 4, 2009

A Mother's Day Treat: Family Photo Session

About a month or so before Mother's Day, I got the sweetest email from Carl asking about doing a photo session of him and his daughter as a surprise for his wife, a Mother's Day present. I absolutely loved the idea. We emailed back and forth and realized, it would also be fun to incorporate the whole family in the session...but still keeping it a surprise.
So, with some scheming...Carl and I came up with a plan. Carl met me the day before Mother's Day, and we had a 15 min. photo session with him and his daughter, Tia. With a quick edit and passing off of a CD...Carl ran to a photo print shop, printed off this above photo...had it framed...and get this ladies, took it to the restaurant where he had it placed at their 'reserved table' for Mother's Day breakfast. So, when Amber, his wife, walked in...there it was...already waiting. Can we say...adorable??!!
The story doesn't end there. The other part of the Mother's Day present was that Carl had scheduled a family photo session for later that morning. Amber was a true sport, and with a quick change, getting everyone ready for smiling, enjoying the session and lookin' cute...we met at a park and had a fun, relaxed session. And the moments that were captured...too cute!Love the Mother-Daughter bonding. Those smiles are killer!Little snuggling on the blanket.After a little family was Tia's time to shine......and shine she does. Her smile immediately brings a smile to your own face. Tia was a bit concerned about the grass when she was first placed in it. It was still a bit dewy, but she warmed up to it quickly.First, the concerned pouty look...but oh so cute.
Then, the smiles broke out...
...and became uncontrollable laughter...for all of us.
Tia giggled so hard...
...that she completely fell over laughing. Love it!
If you haven't noticed before...little edible toes are just so precious.
And, Tia found her's quite fascinating too.
Needless to say, a day at the park on Mother's Day was such a treat. Thank you Carl for setting up this wonderful day. Thank you Amber for your beautiful smiles and being such a great sport and to Miss Tia...thanks for the all the giggles. I hope you all enjoy the family memories.
All my best...Jen


lora ayers said...

Love them! She is precious! You captured their love as a family beautifully! :)

Michelle said...

These are great Jen..what a great dad for arranging it. You captured some beautiful moments.

amanda thiessen said...

these are all great photos!