Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Jacob turns ONE!

You know you're dealing with a little boy when your day consists of getting 'steam rolled'.
Well, Jacob (you may remember his newborn photos and photos with his cousin, Stella) is definitely a little boy now...he's ONE!

He may still have a baby face...but he's growing up.

And he's got a killer personality. So funny, full of smiles and boy mischief.

He's intrigued with anything that's electronic, blinks, beeps or makes noise. I mean, who wouldn't be?
And best of all, Jacob is now walking...a true toddler.
He just LOVES his alligator walker (the alligator mouths snap as he walks). He gets so into it
and gets the best facial expression. Get ready, set...walk...and pure elation overrides him.

Although Jacob is turning out to be a great walker, today was his first time in SHOES.
Yes, the first.
He was very unsure of them, but gave them a good test drive. Somewhat walking like a cat with tape stuck on his paws (not that I ever did that to my cats growing up ;) ). Such intense concentration when playing with his toys
That smile, those dimples...and baby blues.

He won't be in that crib too much longer...but for now, he loves playing in it.
Thank you for letting me join you again (for the 3rd're a pro now!) and document your first year. My how you've grown. All my best to you, mommy Lauren and daddy Ian!

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Lauren said...

You're such a wonderful photographer! I really need to order some prints, and add to our Jacob wall.