Thursday, April 9, 2009

Baby Lochlan

Remember Nina, the 'gorgeous, sexy, strong, loving mother-to-be' ? Her little one is here (and now 2 months old).
He is AD-OR-ABLE...such a boy, looks so much like his daddy but definitely has mommy's gorgeous eyes. Purely loveable!

These photos were taken at 1 week and 3 weeks old.

Nina was meant to be a mother! She still radiants that gorgeous, sexy, strong, lovingness...but she is now... a mother...and she has a perfect little son. Lochlan will undoubtably use these cute tootsies for lots of running around...he has to if he wants to keep up with his Mom and Dad.

Those pouty lips, that round little chin and cute button nose...see, I told you...AD-OR-ABLE.

Nina and I were crying...literally tears streaming from our face after I showed her these photos. Lochlan already has a knack for putting smiles on faces.
OH...REALLY? Could this crack you up any more? Crazy cute!
I recently joined Nina for lunch and Lochlan made my new favorite face, he has the one sided smile. I wish...oh how I wish I had my camera at that point. That smile was a lady killer! I'll capture that smile soon...just you wait!

Jon is an amazing Daddy. Nina so appreciates a husband who is so involved, so loving, so patient, protective, and so caring. She also thinks he's pretty hot too. ;)

What a cute little swirl

A true boy...loves hanging out in his birthday suit.

Sleepy boy!

Nina and Jon, I'm so excited ...I mean truly excited, overjoyed, full of love and totally impressed at the wonderful parents you are, and the beautiful little boy you have brought into this world. I can only imagine the goodness to come! Thank you for allowing me to document Lochlan's first days. Cheers to the adventures ahead!


shelley said...

These are fabulous!! I absolutely love the shots of his funny faces! :)

alex.kruk photography said...

what a cute litle baby :) I love those pictures. The last one is my favourite ! So so cute !