Friday, December 26, 2008

And the Winner is....


I received numerous nominations of well deserving families fo my Christmas "Gift of Giving" ...and I wish I could post them all for you to read (it's so nice to know there is still so much goodness going on in the world)...but this particular one stuck in my head immediately! Since I still work in the medical community, I understand how difficult it is to take care of disabled children...on top of all of the other duties there are in life. This woman, Stacy, exemplifies the meaning of being a 'woman', a 'mother', a 'friend' and a true 'humanitarian'. I am honored to provide her and her family with a free photo session...and to give back to someone who is so giving!

Here is Stacy's story...graciously nominated by Laura...thank you Laura!

I am an adoption social worker for the state and have seen many remarkable people over the past 12 years but woman bring tears to my eyes every time I think of how much she does for our community. She is a woman that puts most of us to shame. She is a stay at home mother and her husband works two jobs (so that she can afford to be home full-time to care for their disabled children). If memory serves me right, they have one birth child, three adopted children, and one current foster child. I was the social worker who facilitated the latest adoption. That child was has an older birth sibling that they had previously adopted. When the birth mother was pregnant with the second child, she contacted this family and asked them to adopt the new baby, which they said yes. They participated in prenatal appointments as well as the birth for the baby. They have been caring for that little boy since. That little boy, now two years old and is disabled with an unknown diagnosis. She takes him to Children’s hospital several times per month for more and more testing, each time for something worse. In the midst of the testing, she decided to help out the 3 Day walk (see below string of emails). The day before the 3 Day walk, I called and said I needed to come by her home for a last minute visit, which she said no problem. She failed to mention that she was attempting to make thousands of cookies for the 3 Day walk. While I was there, she was caring for about five children, one with the flu, and had a steady stream of visitors dropping of cookies by the masses. The little boy I worked with was adopted the beginning of October and that is where my time with the family ended; however, I think of them often. The mother also volunteers helping out other foster parents, does foster care recruitment, volunteers for her church, and much, much, more. I wish I had a fraction of her energy. She is the most thankful person for the smallest things. It would be great to see her get something back in return.
I look forward to meeting you Stacy and God Bless you!
Merry Christmas!

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Carl said...

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