Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Two worlds collide

I love how my two worlds can collide! Kyle Baumgartner...a superhero in my book...has recently been featured on our local news b/c of the amazing recovery he has made using Bioness devices. Bioness is the company I've worked for as a Clincial Specialist for the past 2 1/2 years...utilizing my Masters in Physical Therapy degree...yes, I have two jobs.

Kyle suffered a severe brain injury several years ago...and was actually given a very poor prognosis. Pure determination, strength and support from his loved ones has been the reason for the miraculous recovery . I met Kyle almost 2 years ago when I was trying to help him get our upper extremity device (Ness H200). Several months later, he instead got the Ness L300 (for foot drop) and the words he shared with me will always ring in my ear "this has changed my life." Tears practically streamed down my face when I heard that. Today, with the help of both devices, he continues to make great strides (no pun intended).

Kyle and I formed an unique friendship and I was honored when I got to photograph his beautiful family last year...you may remember the family session I did at the beginning of my blogs...literally...the third post on my blog! Well, included with Kyle's amazing progress that's featured on the news clip, one of the photos I took was also shown. Just so fun to see both my worlds come together...and so beautifully.
Thanks Kyle for sharing this with me! Congratulations on the success of spreading the message and to show the world what an amazing person you are! Keep up the great work!
(click on this link to see the 2 minute video of Kyle).

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