Friday, October 10, 2008

IMAGE X: Brides and Grooms, Kiddos and Lizards too

The Image X workshops have become a stepping stone in my photography career...I am thankful and blessed to have been able to attend. Stay tuned for more beautiful photos from New Orleans and from the wonderful models who joined us.

We had a range of personalities from the kiddos we were working with. Twirling, giggling and carefree...this little girl was a show stopper.

A bit more shy, this little guy didn't want to be part of the I caught a moment of him hanging out by himself...contemplating...with truck in hand.

During one of the workshops, we were graced from a little lizard, who decided to jump on Tamara Lackey's camera while she was showing us how to get kids attention. Sweet trick Tamara... don't know that I'll be able to replicate that one!

I will share more of my photographs and memories in the days to come. For now...TGIF!

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