Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Hiking at "Ghost Mountain"

When I first arrived in Seattle ELEVEN YEARS AGO, I oftened referred to Mt. Rainier as the "Ghost Mountain". Depending on the weather, you could you either see her in all her glory...or as I've done many times...point out the direction that she would be if the clouds didn't cover her up. This weekend in late August, the "Ghost Mountain" she was not. Out in all her glory, Mt.Rainier welcomed us on a beautiful sunny day.

John and I had a fun 7 mile hike all around Sunrise...The view was majestic and Mt.Rainier was unbelievably impressive with her shear size!

I love capturing all the beauty that make this hike so breathtaking...the tall trees, jagged peaks, glacier water, wildflowers and even the tiniest of creatures.

After our long afternoon of hiking, John and I snacked on wine, cheeze, crackers and SMORES! Now that's some fancy camping! Here's John getting' his smores on at our campsite.
Along with the beauty of the day...the nighttime brought us sparkling lights that filled up the sky in infinite numbers. I even captured a shooting star/satellite zooming by.

What a wonderful day!

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Carrie Hasson said...

how beautiful, looks like an awesome way to spend a day. we used to be stationed in Spokane and I miss all the trees and this time of year for sure! can't wait to go hiking when we get to Hawaii...