Friday, September 5, 2008

Halle Bee and Owsey too

Halle Bee... a beautiful little 4 year old...nicknamed 'Bee' b/c she was said to be buzzing around in her Mom's belly when she was pregnant with such a delight to be around. Her infectious grin (mind you, there were pouts too..which are equally as cute) was so fun to capture. This session was a special one b/c Halle was blessed to receive the CUTEST, and most girly, fluffy, skirt as a gift. Today was the day she got to prance around feel pretty.

I love the detail of the flower in her hair. What little girl wouldn't love this?

How adorable...I want one of these skirts...seriously!
After a few minutes of showing me how well she can pout...Halle then put on her smiley face and wouldn't stop with the giggles and the 'look at me' poses.

True 4 year old sassiness at it's finest. Just makes me giggle...LOVE IT!
Little brother Owen, nickname...Owsey...wanted to get in the action too.However, being a true little boy form, he went straight for the dirt pile. That smirk can only mean one thing...trouble. No keeping those clothes cleaned!

He was quite the little helper with the shovel, and then realized, just rolling around was way more fun.Who couldn't melt over this tender little kiss that Halle is giving to her little brother.

Miss Riley couldn't be forgotten...since she was the first kiddo of the family. HAPPY DOG!

Riley graciously posed with one of her favorite toys.

To check out the album...go to

Thanks to Halle, Owen and Riley for letting me have a fun filled day with you all! I look forward to seeing you all again soon!


Anonymous said...

aww Jen- thanks so much! I love that you captured some beautiful *HAPPY* pics of Halle Bee!! Great memories of Owen too!

michelle said...

Jen, these are great..makes me miss my old friend so much. Zoe has one of these skirts but never cooperates for me to take pictures. Love these!

STEVE DePINO said...

really cute shoot! Thanks for the face book ad as well:)

Deene Souza said...

Dang that skirt is cute! That dolly wearing it is a cutie too! Great shots!