Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Amy- Senior Portraits

I had such a fun time this past weekend being able to capture the true beauty of a gorgeous young adult...Amy (John's neice). Amy was so excited to get her senior portraits taken but has already found, it's going to be a tough decision with which picture she wants to put in the yearbook since she looks amazing in all of them!

Amy's already said that she definitely wants one with water in the background...I think this may be her final answer!

Amy has the most amazing eyes and smile. This particular pose captures that true beauty...believe me, I took a lot of these.

Amy is such a sweetheart, loves her friends and family to pieces, is full of energy and has an infectious personality. Oh yeah, and having just turned 18... she gets to help us vote in the up coming election! Vote wisely my dear ...the future is in your hands.

As with most young adults, their phones are prized possessions...this case remains true with Amy. Addicted could be the choice word, so, naturally, I had to capture this bonding moment.

Amy, I'm so excited for you and your Senior year! I can't wait to see what all life has to offer
you...the best IS yet to come!

Thank you for allowing me to capture your glowing and beautiful personality! Love you girl!
p.s Happy 18th Birthday...welcome to adulthood =)
To view the whole album, go to: http://picasaweb.google.com/jennifermacniven/Amy#


Deene Souza said...

Thank you so much for the vote (#2 NaPali) on MeRah's blog. http://www.merakohblog.com/2008/10/03/five-pets-you-wont-forget-time-to-vote/
I really appreciate it!

Airika Pope said...

Wow, she is gorgeous! It's crazy; you two look like you could be sisters. :)