Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I love my job! I mean, how fun is it to interact with kiddos, play (yes, I said play), and capture sweet moments like this? Grace, who just turned ONE, made me giggle and smile a ton... something Katie (her mom) said was rare when they tried to take pictures of her.I love how Grace was fully
engaged in her surroundings:
tasting, touching, seeing, understanding a sense of
self and praise. YEAH GRACE!

This little green frog and gingham chair are Grace's favorite

Grace was typical little one...constantly on the move. I love how this picture depicts such a stillness and quietness. So sweet!One of the most rewarding moments of the day was when Katie stated, with a sense of relief, "I'm so impressed how well Grace does with you...you have made this all so painless". From a previous experience of 'getting photos taken', everything was very posed and took over 3 hours. My philosophy is to have fun, be in a natural, comfortable setting...and to just capture moments, expressions...people being people.

Katie, I'm glad I was able to make this experience enjoyable for you all and I'm so thrilled that you love the photos. Thank you for your trust, letting me come into your home and document Grace at this precious age. I look forward to working with you all again soon.

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Carrie Hasson said...

aww how fun! and it just seems so relaxed, so nice to take her pics in her own environment. did you use all natural light? and if so, i would love how you worked around the lighting to get your shots. thanks!