Thursday, August 7, 2008

Baby Stella and Baby Jacob...Cousins

I can't help but posting a lot of photos when it comes to babies...I mean, every little detail is worth documenting. I was tickled to be able to photograph Baby Jacob (now 3 months) again along with his new cousin, baby Stella.
Stella is beyond precious... look at that little bottom, her pouty little lips and button nose. So CUTE!Mom and Dad's comforting hands ... I love this moment.Here are the proud parents...and look at how happy Stella is to have them.This interaction is priceless. Dad's gentle smile and how he's holding Stella with one arm...a softness and strength surrounding his baby girl.
Stella was born a month early, and these pictures were actually taken around her due date. She weighed a mere 7 lbs...and her features are still so tiny. Her foot, barely the length of dad's finger.
And her little hand...itsy bitsy.
Stella graced us for a few minutes with her eyes open... a deep rich blue.
The happiness and love of a new family.
This scene just cracks me up. Stella's middle name is 'Sayuri' a friend of the family got her some saki as a present. Looks like she had a little much the way she's crashed out. ;) Cousin Jacob has grown so much in the past three months. He looks like a little man and is developing such a personality.Those eyes just sparkle.These two cousins are undoubtably some of the cutest around. These precious photos were captured as a gift for their grandma...what a lucky grandma she is! Check out those adorable smirky grins from little Stella and Jacob.

20 little toes...all in a row.

I'm sure these two will have a lifetime of fun together.
Thank you for letting me capture Stella's earliest moments and the bonding that's innate with cousins. Can't wait to see them grow!

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Carrie Hasson said...

Hi Jennifer,

Nice pics! I really LOVE the photo of mom and dad with baby's little hands. So tiny, so sweet- she almost looks like a little doll. I can't wait to do a baby shoot, they look like so much fun!