Sunday, July 27, 2008

Ms. Doreen

Doreen is possibly the sweetest lady I've met! Her heart is pure and her life is genuine. I met Doreen at a wedding (her grand daughter is Alisa, whose wedding I photographed) and she asked me if I could take her headshots. Why you ask? Because at the young age of 78 (she's gorgeous...78? Remarkable!), Doreen has co-authored a book:
"Growing Toward God: Life Lessons Inspired by the Wonderful Words of Kids"
Doreen, I wish you all the best in publishing your book and thank you for letting me be a bit of the process (and John too...the 'reflector guy'). I can't wait to read the book! Best wishes and God Bless!

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Carrie Hasson said...

what an inspiration she is! to be published, look amazing and radiate joy, all at the tender age of 78...I am impressed!
I really love the location, and the photo of her with those gorgeous purple and red flowers behind her and her relaxed position and then the composition of the rails in the shot, really GREAT pic!