Sunday, July 13, 2008

Meet the Crosby's

Meet the Crosby's... This was a surprise photo session taken as a present for their parent's anniversary in August.
Julie (back row in pink) and her twin brothers, sister in law, neices and nephews all gathered together to document this growing family.
With 9 people running around and three rambuncious boys all beating eachother up, it was quite the challenge.

But I managed to get them to have fun and capture their personalities.

I'm sure the Crosby's parents will love all of the photos that were caught (with everyone's eyes open and minus goofy faces) ;) !

Julie together with her nieces and a newphews...what a great looking bunch!

Thank you all for letting me document your beautiful family. I hope the Anniversary party is a huge success! All my best to your parents!

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Carrie Hasson said...

ok, PLEASE you must do a post on how you managed to get such great shots with 9 people! I felt overwhelmed with 4! I know I am so much better one on one...any tips or tricks when you're trying to capture special moments and intimacy with a large group?!