Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Team Gregan's Baby-Bump

Team in important in so many people's lives...and for this lovely couple, it's the reason they were brought together...first as friends, then lovers and now soon to be parents.

Greg and Megan (AKA...Team "Gregan") met during the 2004 Lavaman Triathlon training and have been together ever since. They've endured training and completing IRONMAN Canada together, so I'm sure they'll be ready for the strength and endurance it takes to care for their little one (Dano) on the way at the end of July.

Little Dano is going to be born a triathlete...undoubtably!
When documenting the miraculous changes during pregnancy, the silouette of a tummy is always a favorite. You wouldn't even know Megan's expecting until you see her from the side...she's just carrying a perfect little basketball under her shirt.
Look at how beautiful and glowing she is.

Megan's only real request was for me to capture the precious way that Greg talks to little Dano and loves on her belly. A memory I'm sure she'll treasure forever.

Greg is so excited to become a Dad...and will be amazing at it!

The sun (Yes! The sun in Seattle) was out in full force the day this images were taken, so we had to take advantage of the cool shadows it cast.

I want to thank you both for letting me share this time with you and being able to document this change in your life. I can't wait to meet little Dano and be able to capture the earliest days of his life for you both. Best wishes for a safe and healthy delivery!

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One Love Photo said...

I like the shadow shot. Baby bumps are so fun to shoot!