Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A Day at the beach

It was a brisk early summer day in Mukilteo and John's family decided to have a little fun at the beach. This family is just too precious and I love being able to capture their personalities when I'm around. Carl is very inquisitive and rushed quickly down to the beach and immediately started moving find "something moving". The Hermit crabs had no chance... Owen emulated big brother, and too was looking hard for something unique on the beach.Proud of his find, Owen showed Uncle John and Janie his little crab he found.Here's a little guy Carl found.Amy, Megan, Janie and Brian...loving brother and sisters....and just adorable! Here's all the girls (Janie, Katie, Megan, Lisa, Amy and Karen)
Brian with his Eminem pose
I couldn't stop laughing at this 'tough guy' shot...their just so sweet and innocent to be throwing a gangsta look. Boys will be boys ;).
Lots more photos from this day, but had to share a few. Looking forward to the next family gathering!

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