Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Rocheminster Dog Show

Every year up at Roche Habor, I get to join my aunt and uncle for the Banana Belt Festival and during the 3 day festivities...the Rocheminster Dog Show is always a highlight...along with the DRAG show...oh yes, men in dresses...priceless.

Here are a few of the contestants for this year's dog show. Winner of the most 'beautiful coat'...

Here's Tudi, just after her bath...and ready to be groomed and sassied up. She's the winner of the most 'spoiled dog'.

Everyone get's a prize.

Here's the Grand Champion...Powder...who loves to fetch.

This Veshila, in her hunting gear and actually packing some heat, was honored the 'best dressed'

Laughter errupted when this 'stuffed' puppy was presented and it actually won 'best manners'.

And who couldn't love this face? Annie won 'Miss congeniality'..look at that smile. Love it.

More from the Banana Belt Festival to come...you don't want to miss the Rocheminster DRAG show!

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