Sunday, April 20, 2008

Oh Baby!

I had the pleasure of capturing a little time in a bottle for two extremely proud parents. Katie and Jim were so excited to receive a photoshoot as a present and wanted to remember sweet little Sophie at the precious age of 6 months old. Sophie was a supermodel...check out this pose with that perfect little bottom.

In yoga...they call this pose the laughing baby. Now I know why. Look at that smile!

Katie and Jim are originally from Minnesota and love hockey! Looks like Sophie is already a fan.

Sophie is also a fan of pretty much anything these said she's teething.

Everything at this age is fascitating...even one's own toes.
Katie and Jim must have a blast with Sophie with all her different baby faces, esp her little puckered lips and those beautiful eyes.

Ditto for this picture...I mean, come cute can she get?

The softness of her hair, that spiral with the most adorable bangs...something parents wish they could treasure forever.

Or the sweet touch of a baby's hand while gently falling asleep......and the ten tiny toes that make your heart melt.Modeling is such a hard job...but so worth the memories that mom, dad and all the family and friends will cherish. Thank you for letting me be able to document the beginnings of Sophie's life. She's a doll!
Do you have a precious little one that you'd love to make time stand still for a moment? Please let me know and I would love to capture those memories for you. I have special going on: $200 for 60-90min session with an online gallery and CD images of 30 photos...or $300 for a newborn session (45 min) and 6 mo. later another photo session (45 min), with online gallery and CD of selected photos. This special will go through til June 1st.


Julie Watts said...

BEAUTIFUL baby shots!!! That first shot could seriously be a J&J Babywash soft and pink and precious!

renee bar-or said...

beautiful pics. it is so hard to capture good 6month old baby photos. you did an amazing job. renee