Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Muddy, snowy, NW Trail Running

SNOW!? Expecting maybe a wet or even cold day, the NW Trail Runners (http://www.nwtrailruns.com/) found themselves in a race that few have ever done.

Over 150 runners came out for the 5 or 10 mile run and willing braved the elements of cold, slippery mud, snow, and puddles that were knee deep...and they had a blast!
Here's one of my favorite shots I captured this morning. Calling these runners 'muddy' would have been an understatement.
One of my closest friends, Nina, helps out with the NW Trail Runs and is a personal running coach herself (NRG Running). She's an amazing athlete and currently competes in all types of running and adventure races. She, along with all the other races enjoyed this new atmosphere of a trail run....SNOW! So fun!

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