Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Girl Photographers Rock Seattle

Tonight is going to ROCK! A group of fabulous local women photographers will get together to share in inspiration, technique, and take some fun, sassy photos of one another. We will be scouting locations in the International District and doing what we love best...taking pictures. Tomorrow I'll share the memories of our first adventure together. Stay tuned!


Connie said...

I so wish I could go! I took a bad fall on Saturday and believe me, I would hold you all up while you stopped for me to catch up. Not fun! I look forward to seeing what you capture.

Michelle said...

Hey Jen-
Thanks for your comments on my blog, yes the workshop was nothing short of amazing. So jealous you have that kind of women photographers group to hang with..I need that! I think Amanda said she was going to be there tonight..give her a big hug for me, she is great.