Wednesday, March 5, 2008

What the February's over?

Time is flying...
and I say that all the time.
But seriously, what the february... it's already over? Geeesh!

I'm sure John is feeling the same way since we just celebrated his 41st Birthday...with a bowling extravaganza...a couple weekends ago. Here are a few of the crazy pics that I got that night.

Here's the Birthday Boy and his first true love...PIZZA!

'Inappropriate Sam' lives on!

Holly got a whopping TWO go girl!Andee was trying some new moves .Faith was excited about her bowling capabilities.Check out John's bowling techniqueThe all time highlight of the night was when Justin (second in) had to get a spare to beat his previous score. There were three pins standing and oddly enough, there was a pin that was in his gutter for the majority of the evening. As he tosses his bowling ball, it's clear it's going to be a gutterball (typical just throw-the-ball-as-hard-as-possible guy move). As it rolls in the gutter, it hits the pin, bounces it out and it slams into the 3 remaining pins as if he planned it like a pro.

Nice move there Justin!Even though Justin had the best shot of the night...Patrick and I pulled off the best scores. Oh yeah, we're rock stars ;) Fun evening had by all!

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