Thursday, March 27, 2008

Prayers for Jill...Bye Bye Boobies

Their love for the outdoors goes far beyond one's imagination. Rock climbing, hiking, camping on the top of 14,ooo foot mountains, building ice caves and photographing every minute (all photos by David Svilar photography)They lived a modest life in WA and CO and just ventured on a move of a lifetime...New be teachers and explore the vast beauty of the countryside. Jill (a dear friend of mine) and her husband Dave had only arrived two months ago and their move was suddenly changed. One day, after a hard upper body workout, Jill felt her muscles ache and massaged her arms and pecs...only to discover something unbelivable...a lump in her breast.This was only TWO weeks ago. Immediately going to the doctor, she was told the lump in her breast was cancerous and other tests showed Jill had a very abnormal looking masses in her other breast. Without a second wasted, Jill and Dave packed up and said goodbye to their new home in NZ and came back to the US.

Jill's mom is a nurse and knows the best-of-the-best at the Mayo Clinic in MN. She went in last week and after a multitude of tests...they came back with a diagnosis of Bilateral Breast Cancer! WHAT?! Jill's attitude remained positive and after hearing her options, she said 'take them off 'with barely a second thought.

Today (3/27/08) at this very moment, Jill is in surgery getting a double mastectomy with reconstructive surgery. Not something one would think of going through at the young age of 33. My prayers go out to Jill, her medical staff, her family, Dave and her friends by her side.
Jill, I pray for you a safe surgery, a speedy recovery and most important, a beautiful new set of "B-cups" (there is a brightside to all of this).
Please keep Jill and her loved ones in your thoughts and prayers. I will update as soon as I hear more...but for now, bye bye boobies!

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