Saturday, March 22, 2008

March Birthdays

Last weekend I was invited to 3 birthday parties and I celebrated my own as well. I guess us March babies are all a product of our parent's summer lovin'. My birthday (the 16th) was spent with my honey. John and I woke up and enjoyed the sunshine with a walk around Greenlake, having my favorite dish at Elliot Bay Brewery (ahi tacos) and spending a bit of time at the mall picking out my birthday present...some clothes and jewelry. I got lots of phone calls and birthday songs...all off-key. It's my tradition of how I sing 'happy birthday' to everyone...I mean, who remembers a song sung correctly? No one? But, people remember the 'worst birthday song ever'! Dinner was special treat... Corned Beef and Cabbage at my grandma's house. It was a lovely family family with my aunt and uncle joining us as well. Simply, a great way to spend a birthday. THANK YOU!

On Friday my friend, Faith, hosted the Pisces Celebration. This evening was to gather girlfriends and celebrate Faith's, Suzanne's and my birthday. It was a great evening to play catch up and hear what was going on in everyone's lives. Time always seems to fly by so fast and even though a year has gone by since I've seen some of the gals, it was easy to pick up where we left off. We toasted to birthdays and good friend's with lots of bottles of wine and the best red velvet cake, thanks to Amy! (someone else took the photos for the evening)

On Saturday, my great aunt Christina, a brilliant and talented artist, was proudly showing off how good 70 can look. No one would have guessed it...I thought she was turning 60...maybe! Her home was filled with lots of friends, family and the best gourmet food you could imagine...which, mind you, she prepared herself. Just thinking about the vast array of dishes makes me salivate...Crostini wrapped pork, shrimp and portobello paella, oysters on the half shell, gargonzola and hazelnut covered grapes, sangria, prosciutto mozzerella rolls, amazing spring salads and deserts gallore. I got a little of this side of the family's talent...but she shines above us all...and lookin' good while doing so!

After celebrating at my aunt's, John and I joined a surprise 30th celebration for a dear friend, Lisa. We missed the 'surprise' but from what we heard, she was! Her friend's put together a lovely gathering of her closest friends, had dinner and shared in delicious cupcakes. A picture I took of Lisa was plastered all over the place...she simply just glows in the is picture...and in real life. Sweet words of praise, gratitude, and compliments flowed as her sister, dad, mom, fiance and friend's took turns with speeches. Lisa was left a bit teary-eyed but overjoyed with the friend's and family she was surrounded by.

Welcome to the Thirties Girl!

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Julie Watts said...

Great posts, Jen...and it's fun to see a headshot on your blog! Beautiful picture of you!!!