Saturday, March 22, 2008

DATE FOR THE CURE- Bachelor and Bachelorette Auction

This year was the 4th Annual DATE FOR THE CURE Auction ( that Teresa Hambelton, Faith Flugel, Rachel Ford and myself hosted. The event raised $26,650 for Team in Training's Leukemia and Lymphoma help aid in cancer research! We had amazing date packages donated from the top local restaurants and the best of seattle's bachelors and bachelorettes willingly donated themselves to be 'sold' for a good cause. Over 250 people attended and the revues of the evening were phenomenal. I spent the evening doing what I love most...photographing the emotions, the interactions b/w people (mainly flirting), and all the details of our successful event. Check out all the photos at . We raised more money with some amazing raffle items: dinners, hotel stays, snow boards, signed Peal Jam box set and even a FREE photo session with me. The event was a huge success and many thanks go out to my co-chairs for their months of hard work putting this together. THANKS GALS!

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