Monday, February 18, 2008

Sun-filled Day

When the sun comes out in Seattle... every person in the city is out enjoying the beauty that the Pacific Northwest has to offer. I'm no different! I live for the sun and the on "sun"day, John and I took a walk in Discovery Park. I was obsessed with shadows and reflections. I ONLY took 180 pictures...I mean seriously, most people I know don't take that many in a year and I take that in one sunny day ;). LOVE IT!

I love the contrast of the grass with the ocean blue.

This little boy was having fun in the beach fort. Even the dogs in town came out in their 'sun'day best.

We spent the other part of our day at the SAM Olympic Sculpture Park along the downtown waterfront. People watching was at it's prime. This art work was called 'Clouds' (I think) and in the reflection looks like a cloudy day. Not this day though!
Another view of "Clouds" with John's shadow.
Reflection of a kiss... and our shadow holding hands.

This is 15ft tall rusted Metal art and the geometric shadows it creates.
A different view of the Space Needle... a picture I'm sure no one has EVER taken before ;).
After I took this photo...I really enjoyed the composition, the contrast bright blue of the sky and white water...and of course, a nice toosh!

I rarely get in a photo that isn't posed...but John took this and was very excited about I thought I'd throw it in. Nice job!

Today is another gorgeous I'm headed out for a run and to spend some time with family before I jump on a plane for work. Enjoy your President's Day!

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Julie Watts said...

I just went to Discovery Park in November for the first time (what can I say...I'm originally from Puyallup). What a great park! Love your shots from there, loving the statue's tush... lol