Friday, February 29, 2008

Face lift

I've been working hard...that is, my logo designer has been working hard, on figuring out my new logo. So, as you can see above...there's been a bit of a facelift. What are your thoughts? I'm super excited about the natural look with the leaves in the circle and the simplicity, yet boldness of my name. The word "photography" stands out...cause that's what I do! ;) Thanks Beth for your talent and putting up with all the alterations. Love it!

This is one step closer to getting my website to go live. Can't wait!!! Doing a little dance right now!

I'll put up some fun photos from John's bday bowling extravaganza tomorrow. Good times.


Connie said...

Hi Jen! OK, so in my opinion I like color scheme as you have it with the brown background and the blue circle with brown leaves. I tend to like lights colors on dark. Be at peace with your choice and don't over think this stuff or it won't be as fun. The feel is clean and relaxed. Great job!


Gerald & Airika said...

Jen--I love your new logo, but I never saw the old one, so I don't have anything to compare it to. I like that it's simple and could really be any color, including simply black and white. We'll be redoing ours soon too, so maybe we'll give Beth a call! ~Airika

Laurel McConnell said...

Love it!!! So fresh and you. You go girl! (and I didn't know you knew Airika and Gerald! Small world!) See you all tonight!