Thursday, January 10, 2008

Proud be!

Kimberly and Greg... an extremely sweet couple contacted me about making their Christmas Wish come true. They wanted 'professional' pregnancy photos before their little girl, Sarah, is to be born (around Jan 17th). Although the temperature was freezing, they were good sports about getting a few shots down by Alki beach. This one is so cute and casual (right up Greg's alley).
Sarah is their little gal waiting to join the world...we welcome you!
Daddy's little girl. Mind you, Greg's opinion of the the photo shoot was to be a supporter, not to be in the KUDOS to you for joining in on the fun. Kimberly on the otherhand was ready to show the world how beautiful a woman's body can be during pregnancy.
Love the prego belly! It's amazing how the body transforms.Gorgeous and confident!

Thank you for letting me make your Christmas wish come true. Being able to capture this time of your life was an honor. All my best to you both and to a healthy safe delivery of baby Sarah.'s gonna be great!

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monique lowe said...

love the black and white photo on the pier. great job!!!