Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Rejuvenation for one Hot, Sassy Momma!

What an inspiration...Paula called me up wanting to get a photo session to celebrate a huge milestone...She has LOST 80 LBS!!! Check her out...WOW! I was so impressed with her strength, courage, and her attititude. Paula is a true success story from the ProClub's 20/20 program and her trainer even said she was her 'biggest loser'. Not only does Paula look great now, she's healthy, happy and even starting to date again. Need I say, she's sassy too! Here are some pictures from her photo session. Myself and another photographer (www.sarahrhoadsphoto.com) teamed up to take the pictures. Paula was so willing to step outside of her traditional studio session and go downtown to take some pictures. They turned out great! Thanks Sarah for joining me...I know we all had a great time.

Paula looks so beautiful ...she was so fun to photograph.
Paula has the best smile. She said her son was her best friend and made her smile the most. How awesome is that?!

Paula's favorite car is a mustang, so we found this vintage baby blue mustang to pose with.

So young and so fresh...I love this pic.
Look at this sassy pose. Check her out in her size 6 jeans!
Sarah getting some closeup shots of Paula's gorgeous green eyes. Check out Sarah's site, she's awesome.Thanks gals, I had a wonderful time and hope you did too. Paula, congrats again and best wishes for a hot date soon! ;) LOL