Sunday, December 2, 2007

Loving family

Saturday was a busy day for me...I had TWO photo sessions. Business is picking up and I love it! The afternoon was spent with the most adorable and loving family, the Erlandsons. Despite not being able to get any outdoor shots (the skies opened up and dumped some white fluffy stuff!), everyone had a fun time gathering in mom and dad's room, bouncing on beds, snuggling up in chairs and giggling at the silly situations I put them in. The photos are proof that they had a great time and that this is a wonderful couple, with 3 outgoing and fun kids.

Stella stole the show with her precious smile and eagerness to be in front of the camera.

She had such fun bouncing on her bed...with her bunny ears. Umm, it Christmas time....
Elizabeth is such a sweet gal and is going to steal some hearts soon.
Happy Birthday to the new 'adult' in the home. Thank you Thomas for humoring us on your 18th birthday to take some family photos. Kudos to you!
Charlie the dog was infatuated with his toy telephone. Tru Wuv!
Wait, no, this is true love. Tom and Joanne were just too cute!

Here's everyone having a 'howling' good time.

A snuggled up bunch ...Happy Holidays!

Thanks Joanne for having me come photograph your loving family. I had a wonderful time and hope to be able to capture some more cherished moments throughout your lives.


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