Tuesday, November 6, 2007

I'm Bubbling within from excitement; also, HOLIDAY PHOTO SHOOT SPECIAL

Starting a new business is so exciting. I have wanted to do photography, seriously...since I can remember. I don't think people would describe me with out camera in hand... I am always taking pictures (I take good ones if I say so myself). Compliments have always been wonderful and I've been told I have a unique and creative 'eye' and that I should start a business. So, at the ripe age of 32, I'm starting a new path (however, I have to keep the day job until money going out is less than money coming in). The advanced photography course I took with http://www.merakoh.com/ taught me so much and had a wonderful time with the attendees that were there. MeRa has posted some of our pics on her blog today...so fun! I've taken engagement pics, weddings, pregnancy shoot, a newborn and lots of kiddos and family. Today I'm doing another family portrait session. Darn the clouds though...I was hoping for some sun today. I'm following my dream and look forward to this new adventure. I CAN DO IT!
A special for you....
I'm offering my time and my eye to any new Seattle (or surrounding areas) based clients an introductory special for a family/kiddo/or couple shoot...1 hour for $150 which includes 50 or more edited photos on a DVD. You can contact me at jmacniven@hotmail.com.
I will upload photos soon to give you a little taste of my work ;).
Can't wait to share my talent and be to capture some of your memories for you.

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