Saturday, November 10, 2007

Cute Kiddos

Today is a beautiful sunny day and I should be outside, but first I wanted to post some cute kiddo pictures. I'm also torn b/w the nice weather and watching my Auburn Tigers play Georgia. I have to throw out a big WAR EAGLE!

It's hard to choose from all the cutie pies I've taken photos of...but here are a few.
1st...I couldn't resist...look at these adorable little feet
This little one is sleeping on mom's shoulder
Look at these precious hands
This scene makes me want to be a adorable all curled up.Look at these blue eyes...and blue buttons to match. This picture makes me giggle!
Look at the fun sea shell
The picture I took before this one, all the leaves completely covered her head. I totally remember being a kid and playing in the leaves. So fun!
How exciting to find a big stick in the woods.
Love the intent look while coloring. He is an amazing artist and loves his playdough too.
When I was in Italy, I got this shot while playing in San Marco Square. This is probably one of my all time favorite shots. When the photo is blown up really big, his eyes are so green and he has such a look....I love it!
These girls are so adorable.
Look at her pondering away.
This cute little girl is completely intrigued by my dolphin tatoo. =)
She also loves her my little ponies and this squishy dinosaur... CHOMP!
Blue eyes
This kiddo was so proud to be a flower girl and especially loved her tiara.
LOVE kids giggling...
Here's another flower girl...she was a bit more shy...still, so cute.
This little boy was so excited while watching fireworks...I had to take a pic of him.
Well folks...that's all for now. Enjoy your weekend!
By the way, more pictures to come .... stay tuned.

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Marianne said...


These pictures are beautiful; you've done such a great job of capturing each lil one's unique peronality! Have a great week!